Go to Yang Bay to find wilderness

Saturday, 30/10/2021, 23:21 [GMT+7]
With natural scenery and peaceful beauty in the great mountains, Yang Bay is a must-visit destination for those who love nature and exploration.
If you want to "bathe in the forest", Yang Bay Tourist Park will be the perfect destination. Yang Bay is about 45km to the west from the center of Nha Trang City, featuring quiet scenery of a mountainous area. No noisy car horns, no hazy smoke, the road to Yang Bay is filled with trees, welcoming visitors with the fresh green of the mountains.
Come to Yang Bay to connect with nature with all 5 senses: inhaling the scent of the forest, enjoying the fresh air, immersing in the cool water, watching the deep green forests, listening to the birds singing and the stream murmuring, touching the colorful flowers and feeling the gentle breeze on the skin.
Yang Bay features many large and small waterfalls hidden among green forests. The largest is Yang Bay waterfall, 2,000m long, 80m high. Two smaller waterfalls are Ho Cho and Yang Khang. Seen from afar, Yang Bay waterfall is like a white silk strip crossing the old forest, immersing in gentle streams weaving through the rocks, forming clear lakes at the foot of the waterfall. Here, you will enjoy the refreshing feeling when immersing yourself in the cool water, dispelling your worries and fatigue. Those who want to challenge themselves can follow the trail up to the top of the fall where they can admire the majesty of the mountains.
Especially, Ho Cho waterfall features hot and cold sources creating a unique feature of this waterfall. At the foot of the waterfall, there is hot mineral water pouring out from the cracks of rocks. This hot spring combining with the cool water from Ho Cho waterfall creates hot mineral lakes at the foot of the waterfall.
In addition to cool waterfalls and hot minerals, Yang Bay also has a "specialty" of Khanh Hoa - mud bathing. In the midst of the vast space of the mountains and forests, being immersed in a layer of soft mud, worries and fatigue gradually disappear.
After the temporary closure due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, from October 30, Yang Bay Tourist Park will reopen to welcome guests. From October 30 to November 30, a 30% discount on ticket prices is offered for all service packages.
Visitors to Yang Bay are required to have a Covid Green/Yellow Card or a negative test report within 72 hours or a confirmation that they have been cured of Covid, scan QR code and do epidemic prevention.
Kieu Huong - Thuy Ba
Translated by T.T