10:01, 31/01/2020

Unique tyres park

Artist Nguyen Van Phung and his colleagues have just opened Tyres Park (Phuoc Thuong hamlet, Phuoc Dong commune, Nha Trang city). More than just a destination, Tires Park inspires many people to use scrap to create beautiful decorations...

Artist Nguyen Van Phung and his co-workers have just opened Tyres Park (in Phuoc Thuong hamlet, Phuoc Dong commune, Nha Trang city). More than just a destination, Tires Park inspires many people to use scrap to create beautiful decorations.

Artisan Nguyen Van Phung was charming with scrap tires more than 35 years ago. The story is, once on the way to work as a hired labor, Mr. Phung met a group of people from the South to buy used tires for recycling. Knowing in Khanh Hoa there are old tire gathering points, so he took the opportunity, bought and resold to make a profit. Sticking with scrap metal trading for about 10 years, Mr. Phung turned to construction, designing works of fine art but in his spare time, he still spends time "hunting" for tires. Many times to Laos, Cambodia, saw the rare and fancy tires he also bought. Gradually, his collection of tires reached thousands of different sizes and features.


3 years ago, Mr. Phùng started using scrap tires to make decorations. Starting with personal items such as belts, hats ... then useful items such as watches, lamps, tables and chairs to animals in movies such as king kong, dinosaurs. “Tires haunt me both in my mind and my sleep. Every time I thought of manipulating directions, using tires to make this, I was happy to hear that ... ”, Mr. Phung shared.
Up to now, Mr. Phung has made more than 500 products from scrap tires. From the improvisation to his liking, he thought of displaying the product to let people see that scrap tires can also make beautiful decorations, thereby spreading the message of recycling waste, protecting environmental protection. Recently, Mr. Phung has realized this idea by opening Tires Park - Tires Park in a private house of about 3,000m2 in Phuoc Thuong village, Phuoc Dong commune.


In phase 1, Tires Park introduced visitors to very unique products such as scrap tire houses, bonsai gardens, clocks, tables and chairs, drums, rockets, cannon, animals like king. kong, dinosaurs, horse-drawn carriages ... Visitors to Tires Park everyone are surprised because the objects here are so beautiful, if not introduced before, no one thinks that they are products made from scrap tires. . The photos taken with horror, dinosaurs in Tires Park are considered "as lost in the world of Hollywood movies". “The recycled products of the Phin artisans such as watches, lamps, animals… are beautifully made. More than just an entertainment spot, Tires Park inspires us to find ways to recycle waste into useful objects, contributing to environmental protection ”, Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Anh expressed.


Many units are trying to buy products from scrap tires, but Mr. Phung does not want to sell them because he wants to keep the collection to introduce to people and tourists coming to Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa, from which spread a lot. than the message of environmental protection. It is expected that in Phase 2, Tires Park will have a castle with the appearance of an old palace, where all the furniture is made of scrap tires. It could be followed by the "Peace of Aspiration" series of products with rockets, cannonballs, tanks ... which he completed most of the work. “Waste tires are one of the most difficult types of waste to decompose. Therefore, I always want to create a lot of products and works from tires to help protect the environment, ”Mr. Phung said.
Xuan Thanh
Translated by T.T