05:12, 08/12/2020

Nha Trang, sea-island paradise

After the Covid-19 epidemic, many tourist destinations in Nha Trang and travel businesses has diversified services and tours to attract tourists.

After the Covid-19 epidemic, many tourist destinations in Nha Trang and travel businesses has diversified services and tours to attract tourists.
Take island tours in Nha Trang
Nha Trang is wel-known by beautiful beaches with rich and fresh seafood. Visitors can explore, entertain and check in many beautiful places, including tourist spots in Nha Trang Bay. 
Tourists often share to each other that to know the sea - island paradise of Nha Trang, visitors must come to Mun Island. With more than 350 species of coral, more than 230 species of fish, 112 species of molluscs, 112 species of crustaceans, 27 species of echinoderms, 69 species of seaweed and 7 species of seagrass, Hon Mun marine area is considered to be an area with the most biological diversity in Southeast Asia. It is also famous for services like diving services, exploring the sea by glass-bottom boat and entertaining with other sea activities. Up to now, Mun Island is still considered the most beautiful diving spot in Vietnam. The salangange island Hon Noi is also a must-visit tourist destination when exploring the Nha Trang sea and islands. Coming to Hon Noi, visitors can come the temple of salangane nest industry, know the history of the bird's nest industry, see the salangange caves on the cliffs, and immerse themselves in the clear blue sea.
The journey to explore the sea and islands of Nha Trang cannot miss Hon Tam Island, a beautiful resort like a green oasis in the middle of the sea. Guests can lie on the grass to read a book or sway in the hammock in the middle of the green coconut forest and see the blue sky or step on the smooth sand. If wanting to find a thrills, visitors can take parasailing, jet ski or scuba diving. Hon Tam now has a mud bath service on the island with a collective mud bath covering 1,500m2, 100 double bathing pools built in the shape of terraced field.
Nguyen Thi Le Thanh - Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism said, sea - island tourism of Nha Trang has been favorite of tourists for a long time. Over time, along with the development of the province, the island tourism has increasingly had more tourist destinations and services. From wooden boat tours, now tourists can visit Nha Trang Bay by canoe or modern composite boat. In addition to the traditional 4 island tour, now there are 3 island tours and tours requested by visitors. Tourists can dive, play parasailing, jet ski... to experience the exciting local entertainment services.


Nha Trang has a lot of islands for tourism.
Nha Trang has a lot of islands for tourism.
Familiar but new destinations
Recently, I have backed to Soi Island after a long time. Soi Island is a familiar but new destination because it was expanded and upgraded from a previously famous tourist spot Tri Nguyen Aquarium. Coming to Soi Island now, visitors can not only watch the colorful sea creatures in the ancient ship but also enjoy the cultural space of the sea with characteristic chants, funny seal circus performances with international coaches.
During this trip, I also discovered more about Robinson Island, Tri Nguyen fishing village. Put into operation since early 2019, Robinson Island has attracted young visitors as it is very suitable for teambuilding organization on fine sand, sea sports such as banana floating, kayaking and scuba diving. In particular, swings and hammocks by the cool blue water can give visitors impressive photos. 


Natural walking path on the sea in Diep Son
Natural walking path on the sea in Diep Son
Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa is a sea island paradise. If you have discovered the coastal city, you may explore Diep Son (Van Ninh) where there is a beautiful walking path under the sea. Guests may also visit the Orchid Island and Monkey Island with many beautiful new check-in points. The conical road on Orchid Island, the trash park on Monkey Island, circus animals, bird circus, etc. can give visitors new experiences. In particular, Long Phu Tourist Company is going to launch two new products, those are a mangrove tour combined with fishing and performances of "friendly animals".
The recommendations are just a hint. Come and experience to understand why Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa is called a  sea-island paradise.
Thanh Nguyen
Translated by T.T