12 best things to do in Nha Trang

Wednesday, 24/06/2020, 16:27 [GMT+7]

12 best things to do in Nha Trang

US Travel Experts – Touropia has just introduced “12 best things to do in Nha Trang, Vietnam” for unforgettable rewarding travel experience.
Exploring and conquering nature
Surrounded by dense jungle, Ba Ho Waterfall is really a perfect place for nature lovers to visit, experience and explore the nature, craggy cliff top, scenic cascades in the natural melody of gentle running water and birds singing  “There is also a great hike you can do along the river and through the jungle to reach the other two falls. Some brave visitors even dive off the first waterfall’s craggy cliff top into the pool below”. Similarly, jutting out into the sea, Hon Chong Promontory makes for a wonderful experience and stunning sight for taking photos.


Tourists at the second pond.
Besides, Monkey Island, home to more than 1,000 monkeys is also an amazing destination for unique experience with cute monkeys. This is also an ideal destination for diving, boating and a fun go-kart track racing around winding roads.
Another must-see destination is National Oceanographic Museum where visitors can learn more about abundant marine life. There are lots of interesting exhibitions to explore. Two of the most impressive items on display, for the writer, are the skeletons of a huge humpback whale and a dugong, an endangered species. “The National Oceanographic Museum makes for a great day out for all the family”.


Visitors at National Oceanographic Museum.
Visiting religious architectures
3 famous religious destinations are Nha Tho Nui Cathedral, Long Son Pagoda and Ponagar Temples, always included in city tours. Nha Tho Nui Cathedral has an impressive architecture in Western style design with sturdy and incredible look. 
Located by gentle Cai River, Ponagar Temples represent some of the finest examples of the incredible Cham culture and art. Visitors to ancient Long Son Pagoda can see a huge white Buddha statue set upon a hilltop and take in fantastic views of the rest of Nha Trang City.


Ponagar Temples. Photo: touropia.com.
Entertaining, relaxing and unwinding
“Dubbed Vietnam’s Disneyland, the fun and festive Vinpearl Amusement Park makes for a great day out for all the family, as there is an endless array of entertaining and exhilarating things for you to see and do.”  The athor is also very excited about the Vinpearl cable car: “The journey takes around 15 minutes to complete, and the long cable that keeps you in the air is strung up between seven red and white towers that look like miniature versions of the Eiffel Tower.”
Especially, no visit to Nha Trang can ever be complete without stopping by Nha Trang Beach right in the city center. Besides its welcoming sands and inviting waters that make for some great sunbathing and swimming, there is a lovely park for travelers to stroll along and sports facilities nearby. Besides Nha Trang Beach, Doc Let Beach is also suggested for sea lovers. “One of the most beautiful beaches in the whole country, Doc Let certainly does paint a pretty picture; its dazzling white sands and gently swaying palm trees lie next to the inviting, crystal-clear waters of the bay. It is a very peaceful and relaxing place to spend a few days, and the glorious sunsets really do look spectacular.”
Furthermore, “If you’re looking to kick back, relax, and unwind, the upmarket I-Resort is a great place to head to.” Set in a tranquil spot surrounded by lush forest, I-Resort has a very harmonious feel to it with hot mineral mud baths, hot mineral baths, spa therapies, etc.
“Nha Trang is a very important tourist hub in the country and has everything from fun-filled amusement parks and relaxing spas to fascinating historical sights and wonderful water sports. Nha Trang is very popular amongst both domestic and foreign tourists. It is easy to see why, as its beautiful sand beaches look out over a gorgeous bay with idyllic islands lying off in the distance,” the writer stated.


Vinpearl cable cars. Photo:touropia.com.
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