06:03, 17/03/2023

Social Insurance towards Industry 4.0 ecosystem

To improve customer care, in 2023, the Social Insurance sector has continued mobilizing resources and the application of technology, digital transformation towards the digital Industry 4.0 ecosystem...

To improve customer care, in 2023, the Social Insurance sector has continued mobilizing resources and boosting the application of technology and digital transformation towards the digital Industry 4.0 ecosystem.

Conveniences for users

With the VssID app on a smart phone, a patient can easily present his health insurance code to 22-12 Hospital. ID cards can also be used to complete procedures for medical treatment. The medical treatment and hospitalization process can be proceeded without the use of paper health insurance cards.

First Degree Specialist Nguyen Thi Hai Thu, Chief of the General Planning Department of the Hospital 22-12 said that more and more patients are using ID cards or the VssID app when applying for medical treatment covered by health insurance.


Using ID cards to complete procedures for medical treatment.

The application of technology in health insurance covered health care has contributed to simplifying paperwork, saving time and costs in administrative procedures and assisting patient management at the hospital. However, old patients or patients who would like to use paper health insurance cards are still welcomed and guided to complete necessary administrative procedures at the hospital.

Hoang Thi Tuyet, a worker at a private company in Dien Dien Commune, Dien Khanh District said, “I use VssID app to get my record of social insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational disease and  injury insurance; payment for sickness, maternity, etc.”


According to a report of the provincial social insurance agency, by the end of February 2023, medical examination and treatment with ID card or personal identification codes was available at 167 medical facilities in the province (accounting for 100%) and 167 searches for information.

Several new services available online

Le Hung Chinh, Deputy Director of the provincial social insurance agency said that 2023 is the year of strong digital transformation in the social insurance industry. Since the beginning of the year, many digital transformation services and applications have been put into service such as online transactions on the National Public Service Portal, the Vietnam Social Insurance Public Service Portal about registration and adjustment of payment of compulsory social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational accident and occupational disease insurance premiums; issue of social insurance books and health insurance cards; registration, re-registration, adjustment of voluntary social insurance contributions; issue of social insurance books; registration for payment and application for health insurance cards, etc.

Accordingly, we do not need to go to the social insurance agency or collection service organizations in person to register for voluntary social insurance and household health insurance. It can be done anywhere and at anytime quickly and conveniently with online forms available on the Vietnam Social Insurance Public Service Portal or the National Public Service Portal. Lump-sum social insurance payment to the group of public service is done in the form of digital signature authentication integrated in the application on mobile devices.

Implementing the Government's Project 06 on digital transformation, Vietnam Social Security has ensured 100% public services at level 4 available online for all of its administrative procedures; integrated and provided 20 public services under 14 administrative procedures of Vietnam Social Insurance on the National Public Service Portal, 7 public services on VssID application. All of the administrative procedures are carried out online towards the 4.0 digital ecosystem.

In the time to come, Khanh Hoa Social Insurance sector will standardize data about social insurance beneficiaries and pensioners to get connected and share information with intermediary payment service providers to serve payment of pensions and social insurance benefits through banks.

In addition, the provincial social insurance agency continues improving infrastructures for the application of information technology; implementing effective application of social insurance software system, connecting and sharing data between related softwares; communicate, connect and share data with departments and agencies to ensure the insured have most benefits.

The social insurance sector has set targets for 2023, including completing renovation with the implementation of the modern interconnected one-door mechanism in administrative procedures, improving service quality regardless of administrative boundaries; enhancing the application of information technology to reduce travel time, social costs and create favorable conditions for people and businesses; raising the customer satisfaction level to at least 85% in administrative procedures, etc.

Translated by N.T