11:03, 31/03/2023

Ensuring security and safety for 370th anniversary activities

Various meaningful activities are underway to mark the 370th anniversary of Khanh Hoa Province's construction and development (1653 - 2023) and 48th Khanh Hoa Liberation Day (April 2, 1975 - 2023)...

Various meaningful activities are underway to mark the 370th anniversary of Khanh Hoa Province’s construction and development (1653 - 2023) and 48th Khanh Hoa Liberation Day (April 2, 1975 - 2023). To ensure safety and security for all the activities, Khanh Hoa Public Security has implemented many plans with hundreds of officials and soldiers involved in the security operation.

Khanh Hoa Public Security has just held a meeting to review and evaluate all protection preparation plans for activities in celebration of the 370th anniversary of the province's construction and development and the 48th Khanh Hoa Liberation Day.


1The Provincial Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue Police officers exchange plans to ensure fire safety in location where the anniversary ceremony will take place.

Colonel Dinh Hong Nghiep, Deputy Director of the Provincial Public Security, General Commander of the event security and order highly appreciated the construction and implementation of the security plans, and made sure all professional units and teams thoroughly understood their specific tasks with the determination to provide a safe and secure environment for all activities. Hundreds of officials and soldiers have been  mobilized to cooperate with local authorities to take the security duties.

On this occasion, many culture, art, sporting, investment promotion and gratitude activities; and scientific workshops are held with the highlight being the anniversary ceremony due to take place at 2-4 Square, Nha Trang City on the night of April 1 convening leaders of the Party, the State and central ministries, agencies, provincial leaders, residents and tourists.

Therefore, Khanh Hoa Provincial Public Security and Nha Trang City Public Security are bracing for the detailed security pre-planning at the ceremony location. Nha Trang City police officers and professional forces will be mobilized to keep the event safe and secure. The forces will be divided into many groups with checkpoints and roving patrols to closely monitor all situations and circumstances over the event safety and security and assure smooth and unimpeded flow traffic.

On main streets, namely Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Hung Vuong, Le Thanh Ton, Tran Phu near 2-4 Square, traffic police will be on standby and maintain regular operations to give traffic flow distribution instructions at rush-hours, especially during the ceremony night; mobilize the most forces and equipment to ensure traffic safety, increased patrols and preparedness to react to any unanticipated problems during the event.

Colonel Do The Lam, Deputy Chief of the Nha Trang City Police said in addition to arranging security forces at the event locations, the unit has also actively deployed many professional measures to suppress crimes and social evils in the city, focusing on propaganda to get all residents involved in crime prevention together with frequent patrols to ensure law enforcement and security during the event.

During these days, security work has been enhanced to provide the special event with the highest level of security and safety. During activities with large gatherings, in order to ensure security and safety, the police also recommends that locals and tourists comply with the laws, regulations and instructions given by security forces; abide by traffic rules, fire prevention and control regulations as well as maintain vigilance to protect personal belongings.


Translated by N.T