10:01, 19/01/2023

Sticky Rice Cake Day for the disadvantaged

Nha Trang City and Military Hospital 87 held the 8th Chung Cake or Sticky Rice Cake Day to donate to members in need...

Nha Trang City and Military Hospital 87 held the 8th Chung Cake or Sticky Rice Cake Day to donate to members in need on January 17.

The event took place at the hospital with the participation of women from the Women’s Associations of 27 communes and wards. Chung cakes are traditional Vietnamese food which is made from glutinous rice, mung beans, pork and other ingredients. The women were all busy cleaning banana leaves; rinsing rice and green beans; slicing pork, and preparing firewood. Everyone was excited about getting involved in the meaningful work.


Wrapping cakes.

Le Thi Hoang Nga, Chairperson of Phuoc Long Ward Women’s Association said, “We have mobilized members to join hands in making the cakes, wrapping and boiling. We are so happy to help the disadvantaged, especially patients for a fulfilled New Year holiday.”

“This is a meaningful activity. I hope I will have a chance to take part in more activities to reach out to help someone who’s struggling,” said Vo Thi Hai Yen, a member of Ngoc Hiep Ward Women’s Association. After finishing wrapping, they moved on with the cooking. There were as many as 500 cakes, so the cooking took up to 18 hours.


The cakes were then given to the disadvantaged, single moms, the vulnerable, disabled and women in need and kids who lost their parents to Covid-19.


Vo Thi Hai Yen is excited to join to activity.


Vinh Tho Ward Women's Association members get involved in the cooking.


According to Dinh Thi Hang Nga, Chairperson of Nha Trang City Women’s Union, the cakes are small gifts but they are the love from the community for families in need. She hopes the gift will help warm the hearts of the unfortunate and bring them more joy, happiness and strength to overcome their difficult circumstances in life.


The event is designed to help strengthen the relationship between the Women’s Union members and medical staff of the Military Hospital 87, inspiring the affection and kindness to ensure everyone has a happy and fulfilled New Year.



The pot is filled with cakes which will be boiled for hours until they are cooked thoroughly.



Nguyen Quynh Nga, Chairperson of Khanh Hoa Women’s Union visits and offers gifts to patients at Military Hospital 87.

1Traditional Vietnamese food.

Translated by N.T