10:01, 21/01/2023

Promoting English speaking among residents

The program "Khanh Hoa residents speak English" hosted by Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee and sponsored by Vingroup has just been launched. The program is designed to develop a learning society and popularize English to all residents...

The program “Khanh Hoa residents speak English” hosted by Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee and sponsored by Vingroup has just been launched. The program is designed to develop a learning society and popularize English to all residents in the province, contributing to promoting the tourist destination of Khanh Hoa Province.

English language clubs founded and volunteers recruited

At the launching ceremony on January 11, Dinh Van Thieu, Vice-Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Steering Board of the program called local departments and agencies to boost the English language learning campaign and requested the Provincial Youth Union in partnership with Vingroup to organize the program with practical activities joined by English speaking clubs to expand English language learning among residents in real life.

Volunteers respond to the launching of “Khanh Hoa residents speak English” program.

Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee and Vingroup signed a memorandum on cooperating to implement the program “Khanh Hoa residents speak English” on August 8 in an effort to promote English use so that residents can be confident in everyday communication, trade and cultural exchange with foreigners, contributing to developing friendly tourism.

The program is scheduled to last from 2022 to 2027, initially piloted in the 2 localities of Nha Trang City and Cam Lam District targeting at students, pubic servants, retailers and those with foreigners. The program will be gradually expanded among other groups.

In 2023, the targets include 50,000 people having access to English language learning app specifically designed for the project; and 500 volunteers engaged in teaching and taking part in 150 English speaking clubs for students, public servants, businesses and communities.

Khanh Hoa Youth Union in cooperation with Vingroup has implemented the program among members and children; and established English speaking clubs. Besides, the provincial Youth Union has also helped the program reach villagers and inspire locals to get engaged in the program, according to Tran Anh Tuan, Secretary of Khanh Hoa Youth Union

One of the main purposes in this period is the foundation of 150 English speaking clubs. The program is maintained in the 2 piloted localities and expanded to 4 communities of Cam Ranh City, Ninh Hoa Town, Dien Khanh District and Van Ninh District with the establishment of 160 more English language clubs in the second period (2023-2024); expanded to 2 more districts of Khanh Son and Khanh Vinh with the establishment of 60 more English language clubs in the third period (2024-2025); and 50 more English language clubs in the fourth period (2025-2026). 10 more English language clubs are founded together with evaluation of the program in the 5th period (2026-2027).

Vingroup has pledged to provide teaching resources, training, propaganda support and other financial assistance. VinUni University (under Vingroup) has cooperated with Nha Trang University and Khanh Hoa University to found English speaking clubs and recruit volunteers for the program quality management and monitoring.

According to Bui Thu Dung, Director of the project, the project targets at local residents with an aim to develop the English language speaking skills. The program has recruited as many as 300 volunteers, including foreigners working and living in Khanh Hoa. The volunteers are provided with basic skills in teaching and using technologies to teach and promote the learning of English language. The Project Management Board has founded 111 clubs at universities, tourism businesses and associations. The board is finishing up an English language learning mobile app for the community.

Trinh Nguyen Uyen Nhi, a student at Nha Trang University said, “I am very excited to become one of the first volunteers of the project. I pledge to join effort to promote the learning of English in the community to meet the provincial development goal.”

English language campaign launched

Le Mai Lan, Vice-Chairperson of Vingroup, Chairperson of VinUni University Council said, "This project is one of many main community activities developed by Vingroup in collaboration with localities to popularize English language to all residents in the province and thus boost the hospitality sector. With English speaking skills, local residents will become more confident when talking to foreigners, contributing to promoting Khanh Hoa as a charming and hospitable destination.

After the kick-off ceremony, English clubs have officially gone into operation. Besides, many events such as 10 minutes/week for speaking English at work and 1 day/ month for speaking in public places. The project will organize English speaking events, singing contests, game shows, viral Tiktok in English, etc. with rewards presented to residents speaking English, making Tiktok videos with many views and shares; honor enthusiastic volunteers and clubs with great contribution to the English-speaking campaign.

According to a representative of Vingroup, there is a variety of textbooks for learners from the beginning to advanced such as “EZ English” with short everyday conversations, Picture Dictionary by The Heinle (National Geographic Learning), that presents vocabulary within thematic readings and offers opportunities for multi-level practice of every word introduced to help develop English language skills.

Translated by N.T