Effort to regenerate coral reefs

Monday, 23/01/2023, 14:13 [GMT+7]

Effort to regenerate coral reefs

Nha Trang City People’s Committee is taking several measures to protect and regenerate coral reefs in particular and the ecosystem on Nha Trang Bay in general.

Hon Chong coal reef protection

Nha Trang City People’s Committee has issued a document to implement Nha Trang Bay Management Board’s plan on coral reef protection and marine environmental preservation on Hon Chong Beach as some shallow corals suffer the impacts of some residents and tourists’ carelessly stepping on coastal coral reefs or even breaking off pieces of corals to take home as souvenirs.



A member of Nha Trang Bay Management Board checks the recovery of coral reefs on Nha Trang Bay.

Nha Trang Bay Management Board in partnership with the Culture of Culture, information and Sports, vanguard of Nha Trang City and People’s Committee of Vinh Hai Ward has launched propaganda, against violation of marine environmental protection and coral reef regulations among residents and tourists on Hon Chong Beach.

Nha Trang Bay Management Board has founded a mission to coordinate with concerned agencies to launch propaganda and maintain supervisory patrols to prevent impacts on marine environment and coral reefs. The propaganda are via cars with loudspeakers to reminding tourists and residents not to step on,  break or remove coral reefs to prevent any damages to coral reefs.

The ban lasts until July 2023. In the coming time, the City People’s Committee will install safe swim zoning buoys and surveillance cameras to protect coral reefs, according to Pham Van Thuong, Deputy Chief of the Preservation Department, Nha Trang Bay Management Board.



Nha Trang Bay Management Board together with Van San Dao release 4,000 offspring into wild in Hon Mun waters.

Several measures to protect coral reefs

According to the city People’s Committee, the city has directed departments and agencies and Nha Trang Bay Management Board to suspend activities that may cause damage to the marine environment and coral reefs in Hon Mun and Nha Trang Bay waters. Specifically, swimming and diving activities in the vulnerable coral reef areas on Nha Trang Bay, especially the area surrounding Hon Mun Island are suspended from June 27, 2022 until further notice.

Besides, the city People’s Committee has directed Nha Trang Bay Management Board to cooperate with Vietnam Russia Tropical Centre to assess coral reef ecosystems on Hon Mun and Nha Trang Bay and other waters and deploy protection zoning in vulnerable coral reef areas in Hon Chong - Vinh Phuoc, Bai Tien - Vinh Hoa.

Survey results in July and August 2022 showed that coral reefs in the northern area of Hon Mun have a coverage of 30 to 50%; coral reefs in southwestern Hon Mun is in the process of recovery; coral reef in northern Hon Chong are growing quite well with 70% coverage; Coral reefs in the area of the rocky embankment along Bai Tien Beach are showing signs of recovery.

The city is continuing with the implementation of measures to manage, protect and restore coral reef ecosystems on Hon Mun and Nha Trang Bay such as surveying and zoning Nha Trang Marine Protected Area; supporting the restoration and conservation of sea turtles in marine protected areas and adjacent waters; creating sustainable livelihoods for the community associated with coral reef conservation on Hon Mun and Nha Trang Bay; building capacity for Nha Trang Bay Management Board and interdisciplinary working group on Nha Trang Bay; monitoring and reducing plastic waste in marine protected areas towards green marine economic development on Nha Trang Bay; creating a sustainable financial resources for the management of Nha Trang Bay.

Translated by N.T