11:03, 19/03/2022

Making libraries more friendly and accessible

The reader-centered approach has changed the way libraries at many universities and colleges in Khanh Hoa Province engage with their users towards providing open and reader-friendly service...

The reader-centered approach has changed the way libraries at many universities and colleges in Khanh Hoa Province engage with their users towards providing open and reader-friendly service.
Creating a friendly environment 
Established 6 years ago, the library of Pacific Ocean University (POU) has just been upgraded with an open and modern space, enchanting not only students and teachers but also others to come to read books, do research and reference. According to Vice-Principal Pham Quoc Loc, besides textbooks and reference books, the library also has special cabinets of books, namely personal collection, Emotional Intelligence, art and culture of the Southern Central Vietnam. With more than 100 seats, the library has many sections for reading, study, group discussion and cultural corners for movies, performance, introduction of works and meetings with motivational public speakers.


An area for exchange and movies at  the library of Pacific Ocean University.
Le Thi Phuong, a student major in business administration, POU said that the new library design creates  more comfort and friendliness for readers. It is divided into several sections, making it very convenient for students to do research, study and work in group.
At the library of Nha Trang University, besides 3 buildings with 7 reading rooms and 1,000 seats for readers; 2 book and magazine rooms with Internet access and multimedia databases, there is also quiet and green space for readers to work individually and in groups.
Others schools such as Ton Duc Thang University, Nha Trang Tourism College and Khanh Hoa University have also developed a friendly library model with many reading areas, various types of materials and activities. According to school leaders, the library has gradually become not only a place full of books but also a center of information, culture and community activities, inspiring creativity among students and lecturers.
Changing the way readers use libraries
With the open library design, librarians no longer go and get books but introduce and give advice about books to readers. Readers can search for information about books on the computer, then follow the chart to the bookshelves. Books can be borrowed and taken home. The service has helped  improve the search.
Nguyen Quy Hoan, Nha Trang University Library Director said that such library information centers provide the best way to access learning materials. The university library is serving more than 1,000 staff, graduates, more than 12,000 students in Nha Trang and 15,000 remote ones. The library has a large number of materials with 18,000 different titles (46,000 copies), including 23,000 copies in foreign languages; nearly 3,500 theses and 300 kinds of domestic and international newspapers and magazines. There is a database of 4,000 books and hundreds of thousands of copyrighted materials for references available online. The resource is updated annually with 2,000 new titles (5,000 copies).
Lecturer Pham Quoc Loc said, the focus on making libraries more friendly and accessible has changed the way readers use libraries. “We can easily get access to all material resources at the college library for study and reference. There are also areas for group discussion and study breaks. Particularly, reference materials can be accessed on the Internet and they include doctoral theses and foreign documents,” a student of Nha Trang Tourism College said.
Translated by N.T