Khanh Hoa Oriental Medicine Association:

Promoting values of traditional remedies for health care

Thursday, 31/03/2022, 21:57 [GMT+7]

Promoting values of traditional remedies for health care

Together with western medicine facilities, the oriental medicine network in Khanh Hoa Province has expanded, contributing to improving medical treatment and care. 
Raising professional competence 
Dang Huu Loc, Chairman of Khanh Hoa Oriental Medicine Association says Khanh Hoa Oriental Medicine Association has founded its 3-level network covering all districts and towns across the province. Over the past years, the Oriental Medicine Association has done a good job in propaganda to raise officials and members’ awareness of the key role of the association in the development of the provincial oriental medicine and improve health care as well as preserve the oriental medicine values. Some satisfactory achievements have been gained.
The association has focused on enhancing professional competence with 70 training sessions for nearly 1,600 members; and 2 professional development courses “5-Element Acupuncture” and “new information about oriental medicine” held within 6 years from 2015 to 2021 with the attendance of nearly 150 members. Besides, the association has also boosted professional development via a variety of information channels such as workshops, community programs and its website, providing valuable oriental medicine knowledge and effective remedies.


Health check-up at Khanh Hoa General Hospital.
Clinics in the province also helped boost professional development by hands–on training and courses in large cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The Provincial Association has strengthened the Science and Technology Council, promoted the preservation of effective remedies; encouraged experienced enthusiastic doctors and parishioners with mich interest in the research of effective traditional remedies and precious medicinal plants to share experience and knowledge, helping members, especially young ones to sharpen skills as well as contribute to the treasure of precious traditional medicines. Up to now, the association has collected more than 300 effective remedies for musculoskeletal diseases, neurasthenia, rheumatism, cirrhosis, ascites, asthma, gallstones and so on.
The association has also focused on upgrading facilities and medical equipment to better serve patients. Doctors have promoted traditional values of oriental medicine by using medicinal plants, acupuncture, sauna, acupressure, combination of traditional and conventional medicines in treatment.
Charity work promoted
Together with the improvement in medical treatment, the association at all levels has also got involved in charity work, providing free check-ups, medications, eye surgeries and gifts for poor patients. The association at all levels has examined 3.4 million patient arrivals with free check-ups for nearly 91,500 people at a total cost of over VND2.9 billion. Clinics best known for charity work include Hung Son Tu, Nha Trang City and Tue Tinh facilities in the districts of Dien Khanh and Van Ninh. 
Together with medical examination, Khanh Hoa Oriental Medicine Association has encouraged the cultivation of medicinal herbs for use when needed with 85 sample medicinal herb gardens, ensuring continuous availability and sustainable use of medicinal plant materials. In addition, the association has cooperated with departments and organizations, especially the Health sector, in medical care and treatment and preservation and promotion of traditional and pharmaceutical medicine through teaching at the Medical College, inspection visits  to traditional medicine clinics, integration the operation of oriental medicine clinics into medical stations; coordination in  research and development of pharmaceuticals, etc.
Many groups and individuals of the association have been granted certificates of merit by Khanh Hoa Provincial Oriental Medicine Association, certificates of merit and emulation flags by the Central Oriental Medicine Association; certificates of merit by Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations for achievements gained for several years.
However, Khanh Hoa Provincial Oriental Medicine Association have some difficulties due to lack of specialized officials, funding, land for the cultivation of herbal plants, etc. More support policies are required for the sustainable development of the oriental medicine, according to Dang Huu Loc. In the coming time, the association will focus on strengthening its network and increasing its membership; promoting medical treatment and care; conserve and develop sources of medicinal materials; and continue oriental medicine inheritance and promotion.

Khanh Hoa Oriental Medicine Association has 640 members, including 1 PhD, 1 M.A, 35 doctors, 94 nurses and more than 150 parishioners. There are 11 provincial level associations, 11 branches at commune and ward district and 178 traditional medicine clinics.


Translated by N.T