10:05, 27/05/2016

Traditional medicine network strengthened

Traditional Vietnamese medicine has gained satisfactory achievements over 5 years of implementation of the Government's action scheme on Traditional Vietnamese medicine development till 2020...

Traditional Vietnamese medicine has gained satisfactory achievements over 5 years of implementation of the Government’s action scheme on Traditional Vietnamese medicine development till 2020.
Traditional medicine treatment at Cam Ranh General Hospital.
The traditional medicine in Khanh Hoa has developed for the common purposes of modernizing and developing traditional medicine in health care and maintenance; strengthening the traditional medicine organization and network.”
Therefore, the traditional medicine boost at all levels has been seen with much investment in equipment at hospitals; and supply of oriental herbs at health care institutions. In addition, traditional medicine training cooperated with medicine and pharmacy universities has been provided in Khanh Hoa.
Khanh Hoa used to have only one traditional medicine department at Khanh Hoa General Hospital. Khanh Hoa Traditional Medicine & Rehabilitation Hospital has been founded with 200 beds. Besides, two more hospitals with traditional medicine  departments include Ninh Hoa General Hospital and Cam Ranh General Hospital.
5/6 general hospitals at district-level have traditional medicine practitioners. 112/137 medical stations and 1 general clinic provide traditional medicine treatment. 108/137 medical stations have sample medicinal herb gardens and the rest have pictures of healing herbs to raise awareness of their medicinal use. 142 private traditional medicine institutions are operating in Khanh Hoa.
Van Ninh District General Hospital has received much investment in traditional medical equipment and medical human resource training. In 2015, many diseases such as facial nerve paralysis; hemiparesis due to stroke, degenerative spine, sciatic nerve pain, etc were cured by traditional medicine practitioners. Therefore, the proportion using traditional medicine at the hospital has increased with 1,300 patients, a year-on-year increase of nearly 44% in 2015. The hospital has transferred traditional medicine techniques such as acupuncture and electroacupuncture to medical stations at commune-level, according to Dr. Tran Tan Thien, Director of Van Ninh District General Hospital.
Over 5 years from 2011 to 2015, 555,810 patient arrivals, making up nearly 18% of total patient arrivals in Khanh Hoa Province, were given treatment based on traditional medicine or combined use of traditional and Western or conventional medicines.
However, the traditional medicine treatment in Khanh Hoa has experienced some difficulties due to limited funding, staffing shortage, lack of preferential polices for the inheritance of traditional remedies; no specialized land for cultivation, maintenance, production and processing of medicinal herbs for medicinal use, etc, according to Dr. Bui Xuan Minh, Director of Khanh Hoa Department of Health. 
Some targets set for effective implementation of the action scheme on traditional medicine development in Khanh Hoa till 2020 include strengthening the traditional medicine organization, improving Khanh Hoa Traditional Medicine & Rehabilitation Hospital with 250 beds; 100% of medical stations and clinics with traditional medicine departments; 20% of treatment based on traditional medicine at medical institutions at provincial level, 25% at district-level and 40% at commune-level by 2020; meeting the demand for medicinal herbs, professional skills; boosting the role of Orientally Traditional Medicine Association in training, inheriting, preserving and developing traditional medicine.
Translated by N.T