Phuoc Tien Primary School:

Excellent achievements gained

Sunday, 29/05/2016, 10:14 [GMT+7]

Excellent achievements gained

On May 25, Phuoc Tien Primary School held a closing ceremony for the academic year 2015-2016, which saw the start of the new school model with much improvement in teaching and learning.

The school gained many achievements such as the title “Excellent organization”, “Sound and strong Party cell”; “Excellent Trade Union” and  “Excellent Young Pioneer Detachment at provincial level” together with 3 excellent teachers at city-level; 1 teacher winning the 1st prize, 1 student earning a consolation prize in the National “Traffic Safety for Children's Smile” exchange program; and more than 200 prizes in the Internet-based Olympic English and Math.

In addition, the school in cooperation with its Parents' Association sought donations over VND104 million to a child having had a traffic accident; and nearly VND82 million worth of gifts offered to kids in need inside and outside the school.

On this occasion, excellent classes, teachers and students were awarded.

Translated by N.T