Second Culin'Art exhibition at InterContinental NhaTrang

Tuesday, 23/02/2016, 23:02 [GMT+7]

Second Culin'Art exhibition at InterContinental NhaTrang

The second Culin’Art exhibition of InterContinental NhaTrang introduces stunning ethnicity images by celebrated photographer Rehahnand a creative culinary journey with executive chef Dennis Barton.


The event will showcase the harmonious display of photographic and culinary arts which compose the diverse, colourful and exoticingredientsfrom around Vietnam from March 4 to April 15, 2016.


Over 24 masterpieces personally selected and printed by Rehahn will be exhibited across a series of contrasting platforms across the hotel’s public area and will illustrate the extraordinary range of subjects that he has captured throughout his 8 year trip around Vietnam, bonding and capturing the soul of people, especially the minorities. The exhibition will openly display at the hotel lobby and free for public entrance.


In conjunction with the photographic artworks, the Culin’Art in 2016 also presents each guest with a menu of 13 signature dishes for personalized experience. These innovative dishes are created by executive chef Dennis Barton from Australia who will infuse the taste of world cuisine with exotic spices of Vietnam.Then combined with meticulous preparation, the skillful culinary team at Cookbook Cafe will prepare delicacies including Atlantic Smoked Salmon with Gia Lai Highland Musk White Pepper, NhaTrang Calamari Fried with Doc Let Salt and Ha Giang Wild Pepper, Roast Duck with Orange and Lang Son Fresh Star Anise, and many more.