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Ninh Hoa strives to become an industrial city

In 2022, the Party Committee, authorities and people of Ninh Hoa town exceeded many assigned socio-economic targets.

In 2022, the Party Committee, authorities and people of Ninh Hoa town exceeded many assigned socio-economic targets. Entering 2023, the whole political system and the people of Ninh hoa are united in their determination to successfully implement the goals and tasks in order to concretize the resolutions of the Central and local governments, especially making Ninh Hoa town become an industrial city.
Many targets exceeded the plan
According to Nguyen Thi Hong Hai - Vice Chairman of Ninh Hoa Town People's Committee, in 2022, the Party Committee, authoritíe and people of the town have made efforts to complete 15 socio-economic targets assigned by Khanh Hoa Province People's Committee. Pariticularly, 11 out of 15 targets exceeded the plan. Specifically, the value of industrial production reached VND 15,868 billion, exceeding 3.7% of the plan; production value of agriculture, forestry and fishery was 3,135 billion VND, reaching 100% of the plan; total state budget revenue was over 4,951 billion VND, 405% higher than the estimate assigned by the provincial People's Committee and 324% higher than the Resolution assigned by the town People's Council; the number of employees with additional jobs was 2,475 people, reaching 112.5% of the assigned plan…
In 2022, the town's People's Committee has issued land recovery decisions for 230 cases of organizations, households and individuals with an area of more than 127,979m2; paid compensation and support for 1,087 cases. Regarding the national key projects and projects, the town has completed the ground clearance work for the projects to release the capacity of the Van Phong I BOT Thermal Power Plant. For the component project of the Van Phong - Nha Trang section belongs to the North-South Expressway Construction Project, by the end of 2022, the town handed over 80% of the ground (exceeding 8% of the planned target); implementing the compensation and resettlement support for 501 cases (phase 1) in communes of Ninh Son, Ninh Xuan, Ninh An, Ninh Binh, Ninh Quang, Ninh Trung and Ninh Tan with the total amount of compensation and support for people is more than 170 billion VND.
A view of Ninh Hoa town
A view of Ninh Hoa town
Concretizing Resolution No. 09
According to Nguyen Thi Hong Hai, the town continues to implement Resolution No. 09 of the Politburo on construction and development of Khanh Hoa province to 2030, with a vision to 2045 and Resolution No. 55 of the National Assembly on piloting.a number of specific mechanisms and policies for the development of Khanh Hoa province, including the goal of developing Ninh Hoa town into an industrial city. In order to realize the target, the most important task of the town in this period is to build and do well the planning and management of land use planning and plans in the town.
Up to now, the Planning of Khanh Hoa Province for the period of 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2050 has been approved by the Appraisal Council; the adjustment project of Van Phong Economic Zone's construction master plan to 2040 with a vision to 2050 has been submitted to the Ministry of Construction for appraisal. As for the general planning project of Ninh Hoa town to 2040, up to now, the town has completed the outline and planning tasks, and submitted it to the Department of Construction for appraisal. After the above plans are approved by competent authorities, the town will coordinate with the Management Board of Van Phong Economic Zone in calling for and attracting investment in functional zones. Attracting investors and developing industry will solve the problem of jobs for local people. The town also set a target that by 2023, the number of employed workers will increase by 2,200 people, and the rate of trained workers will reach 84%.
Currently, in the town, there are two key national highway projects being implemented, namely the Van Phong - Nha Trang section component project (with 80% of the site clearance completed) and the construction project of the Khanh Hoa - Buon Ma Thuot expressway, phase 1 (70% of the ground is planned to be handed over by June 30, 2023). In 2023, the town will continue to implement Resolution No. 18 of the Standing Committee of the town Party Committee on strengthening leadership in compensation, support and resettlement for highway projects passing the town to ensure the assigned schedule. The two expressway projects are expected to create linkages with provinces in the South Central region, the Central Highlands and other provinces and cities in the country, speeding up the socio-economic development and the urbanization process. New residential areas and embellished residential areas will contribute to changing the face of rural areas and improving the quality of life for the local people.
In 2023, the town's key task is to continue implementing the Government's Action Program and the Provincial Party Committee's Action Program to implement Resolution 09 of the Politburo. Accordingly, the town will focus on tasks and solutions such as accelerating economic development, shifting towards industry, construction - service, tourism - agriculture, forestry and fishery in association with renovating the growth model on the basis of science and technology and innovating in the direction of increasing value and efficiency; developing the urban area in the  smart, sustainable direction with the identity and international connection. Along with that, the town will develop human and science - technology, especially high-quality human resources so that Ninh Hoa becomes one of the province's centers for education, training, and specialized healthcare; well implement Party building work in association with administrative reform, build a lean, dynamic, effective and efficient government apparatus...
In the new period, with a lot of work, this is also an opportunity for Ninh Hoa town to make changes and develop strongly. With the spirit of the New Year, the whole political system and the people of the town are united and determined to successfully implement the resolutions of the Central Government, provinces and towns for socio-economic development, ensuring national security and finance - budget in 2023.
In 2023, Ninh Hoa town sets the following targets: The industrial production value will increase by 13%; the production value of the agriculture - forestry - fishery will increase by 3%; the number of poor households will decrease by 90 households; percentage of rural population using clean water will be 100%...
Thai Thinh
Translated by T.T