Sick child needs help

Wednesday, 14/08/2013, 14:20 [GMT+7]

Tran Phung Hoang Nhi, born 2007, residing with her mother Phung Bich Dung at 224 Tenement B, Dam Market, Nha Trang City, has had cataracts in both eyes from birth. She was carried to Ho Chi Minh City for operation. Through diagnosis, she was found to also suffer from heart disease. Her mother spent all saving money to have her treated.

When Hoang Nhi was 2 years old, finding her to have difficulty in walking and have no response to the noise, her mother took her to the hospital for health checking. Unfortunately, Hoang Nhi was diagnosed as a deaf-and-dumb sufferer. Besides, she sustained a twisted ankle. Her mother had to “move heaven and earth” by herself to have her child treated.

Through a period of treatment, her heart disease and twisted ankle has been temporarily all right. However, the cataract is becoming serious, making her blind if the 2nd operation is not carried out soon.

Her mother, living with her grandmother who is also a deaf-and-dumb sufferer, has to earn a living by herself (Hoang Nhi’s father left as knowing his daughter suffering many diseases).

At present, Mrs. Bich Dung cannot afford her child’s 2nd operation because of her low income and old debts.

We hope to receive supports from benefactors and readers everywhere to help Hoang Nhi to be operated.

All the supports can be sent to Khanh Hoa Newspaper office at 77 Yersin St., Nha Trang City.