Four times more cyberattacks in one year in France, according to the National Information Systems Security Agency

“The digital threat today is clearly one of the top 5 most important threats”, warns the CEO of Anssi, Guillaume Poupard.


The National Information Systems Security Agency (Anssi) published a report on cybersecurity and the scourge of ransomware on Thursday, June 10. There are four times as many cyberattacks in a year. A trend that is unlikely to decrease in the years to come, warns the director general of Anssi, Guillaume Poupard, on franceinfo.

“What is very negative is that the number of attacks increases dramatically between 2019 and 2020”, indicates Guillaume Poupard. The director general of ANSSI estimates that there were four times as many attacks last year. He says so, “It’s not going to stop immediately”, just because “Serious crime is very likely earning a lot of money with these attacks”. There are also some positives: “We see that victims who become aware of the problems that secure themselves are generally not attacked a second time. So that gives hope. ”

Hospitals become a target

Awareness of the threat that also affects public services, especially hospitals. Institutions that have been taken aback by this new phenomenon, says Anssi. “In the past, we never attacked hospitals”, recalls Guillaume Poupard. “This is something that seems a bit absurd. In fact, digital criminals attack hospitals. So we understood, we have a lot of steps in progress, in particular to impose cybersecurity on the most sensitive hospitals ”. The Anssi has decided to raise their level of IT security. The agency will help these establishments improve their security. She goes “Partly use the money from the recovery plan” to secure the systems of these sensitive institutions.

But difficult to designate hospitals “Particularly sensitive”. “In fact, there are 4,000 healthcare establishments in France“, Identifies the Director General of Anssi. “They are not all in charge of their digital system, and therefore in practice, we are interested in hospitals which are leaders in what are called territorial hospital groups.”

Not “terrorists”, “cybercriminals”

Guillaume Poupard, unlike some American representatives, does not want to talk about “Terrorists” when he points to these cybercriminals who break into our computers and demand ransoms from us. But “What is certain is that the impact on our economy, on our national security, on you and me, in our personal life, can be very serious and can be comparable to that of terrorism. In any case, the digital threat today is very clearly one of the top 5 most important threats to be taken into account in a country like France ”.

Regarding the bug that affected emergency calls in many regions of France last week, Anssi was seized by the government. Its managing director believes that it is “Extremely unlikely” whether it is a computer attack. According to the first information of the work in progress, Guillaume Poupard affirms that “It is the failure hypothesis that is preferred”.


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