Interesting places in Nha Trang for check-in photos

Friday, 31/01/2020, 22:14 [GMT+7]

Interesting places in Nha Trang for check-in photos

In addition to famous tourist destinations, Nha Trang now has new places with beautiful scenes for people who love to take check-in photos.

. Colorful Happy Beach
Happy Beach is an area on Nha Trang beach, behind the Four Seasons restaurant. This spot has been emerging for about 2 years as Hon Kien Co., Ltd. has set up lovely scenes for tourists to take photos. On weekend nights, there are circus performances, music and fires here. Happy Beach, only 100 meters long, has attracted a lot of young people and tourists. Huyen Trang, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City shared, “Happy Beach is simple but very cute when it comes to pictures. In particular, the beach is in the center of Nha Trang City, so it is convenient to come. In the evening, sipping a cocktail, listening to music, watching the sea here is really wonderful”.


 . Luxury Ana Marina
Coming to Nha Trang, visitors shouldn’t miss a famous tourist destination located at the end of Pham Van Dong street, on the beautiful and romantic beach. It is Ana Marina, invested by Focus Travel. It covers on an area of 89ha, including 86ha of water surface. This project is designed by a specialist from Turkey.



In addition to the function of organizing events and developing economy - tourism, recently, Ana Marina has become a place for tourists and locals to check in. The marina has airy space with rich and diverse cuisine. The Flowhouse in the marina gives you lively photos. In particular, the investor has also put into operation the first hydraulic surfing area in Vietnam. Walking streets along the coast with foodstreet courts are one of attractions, which helps this place attract hundreds of visitors to check in every day.



. Experience in Galina Lake View
“With majestic mountains, sunshine like a friend, winds like soulmate and the trees like singing. People who come here will be calm and free”, an introduction on a tourism forum writes about Galina Lake View Resort, Phuoc Dong Commune, Nha Trang City.


Galina Lake View eco-tourism area attracts visitors with its nature. Coming here, visitors can stroll on a path full of flowers and trees. Going along Kenh Ha Lake, visitors can encounter "love heart", "happy house" or "music garden" with realistic musical models., Galina Lake View also has many services for visitors to relax such as canoe, boat rowing, fishing, etc. Visitors also can enjoy diverse dishes at its restaurant. Galina Lake View was dubbed a "miniature Da Lat", promising to bring many fascinating experiences for visitors.
. Old Nha Trang
Leaving bustling Nha Trang to find a peaceful space, Nha Trang Xua restaurant in group 3, Thai Thong village, Vinh Thai commune, Nha Trang city is a good address. Coming to Nha Trang Xua, visitors not only experience a very rural space, but also enjoy the rustic dishes, full of countryside spirit.


 “The scenery here is so beautiful and romantic, especially the blooming lotus pond. Taking photo here is wonderful.", a tourist from Hanoi said.
Van Ky
Translated by T.T