Experiencing Flyboard at Hon Tam with Eagle Camp team

Tuesday, 30/06/2020, 23:01 [GMT+7]

Experiencing Flyboard at Hon Tam with Eagle Camp team

Coming to Nha Trang this summer, you should experience flyboard to try to feel like a superhero on sea. This new thrilling sport is so attractive that many people have to queue to experience in Nha Trang.
Flyboard was founded by water-craft rider Franky Zapata. The Flyboard is a bolt-on device that is attached to a personal water craft. It is designed so that the personal water craft follows behind the rider’s trail, allowing the rider multiple degrees of freedom, even allowing the rider to go underwater if they desire. Flyboard riders will be pushed into the air up to 6 - 10 meters, you will feel like you soaring up like a superman and dance on the air.


At first, riders may feel adventurous and slightly scared. But then, they want to play and shine. When you can balance your body and control the board, Flyboard will definitely bring you a lifetime interesting experience. 


Businessmen join 14th Eagle
Businessmen join 14th Eagle Camp



In the 14th Eagle Camp entrepreneur training course in 2020, the lawyer, speaker and trainer Pham Thanh Long and hundreds of people experienced flyboard impressively at Hon Tam, directed by coaches of Jetsports Vietnam. All are conquered by flyboard with the excellent acrobatics on the air of riders. This is really a game on the sea to help players relieve stress in life and conquer themselves.
After experiencing Flyboard at Hon Tam with Jetsports Vietnam Center, hundreds of businessmen across the country entered the Eagle Camp 14 training course with determination and high spirit.
N.T - H.O
Translated by T.T