Discovering blue ocean in Nha Trang

Friday, 17/01/2020, 17:20 [GMT+7]

Nha Trang is famous for tourism, especially sea and island tourism. Diving is one of very interesting experience in Nha Trang.


But coming here, not everyone can arrange for themselves a trip under the blue ocean, where thousands of species of fish and corals live.


Located about 45 minutes from the mainland by boat, or only 15 minutes by high speed canoe, Hon Mun is not only attractive by white sand, blue sea, wild bird nests on the cliff... This place is also famous for one of the richest and most beautiful aquariums in Southeast Asia.


Wearing a specialized diving suit with an oxygen tank on his back, I was instructed basic signs in water by Quyen – a professional diver. Then, we immersed ourselves in the sea. Releasing the body, we gradually sank below the surface of the sea. The scenery was beyond my imagination. The underwater world is a lively aquarium, we seemed to turn into tiny lives among numerous fish and corals surrounding. At a depth of about 4m, the sunlight can still penetrate the water, illuminating the colorful coral reefs that are shaking to welcome visitors. The water in Hon Mun is very clear, which is easy to see many schools of fish swimming from a distance, they do not seem to be afraid of the people. We can feed them with some small piece of bread.


Coral reefs of many kinds at the bottom of the sea look like underwater primeval forest because the coral reefs provide life, food and nearly full of ecological conditions birth for marine life. In addition, corals create a ground for breeding of marine creatures, a home for little fish and the source of the great food web of the ocean. Corals also may be hard and soft. Hard corals lie still, soft corals often have more colors, curling up in the water like waving. Quyen also showed me rare fish and snails. Sometimes, we meet lobsters feeding in the reef.


“Only when we go to the bottom of the sea, can we see the amazing underwater scenes. So, everyone feel excitied after diving,” Quyen said when we finished the scuba diving in Hon Mun.


Every day, diving areas to see corals on Nha Trang Bay see hundreds of visitors. With prices ranging from VND450,000 to over VND1 million, tourists can have an exciting adventure in a fanciful underwater world.

Vinh Thanh

Translated by T.T