Hon Tam – a peaceful island

Sunday, 30/06/2019, 22:34 [GMT+7]

Hon Tam – a peaceful island

Meperle Hon Tam Resort, located on Nha Trang Bay, has been known as a green tourist site. Green grass, white sand, bungalows on mountain slopes, etc. on an island of Hon Tam has created a wonderful place.

Coming to Hon Tam one summer day. Even though the sun is scorching, the resort still looks green, flowers are blooming along paths. Bungalows hiding under green trees make a peaceful space. There’s an ancient house area on the island. Coming here, visitors can know about tradition architecture of ancient houses in Khanh Hoa Province. Tools of some handicrafts like pottery making, fabric weaving, etc. are displayed in these ancient house.


Green space on Hon Tam
Green space on Hon Tam


To people who love peace, sea bathing in Hon Tam is an interesting experience. Hon Tam has beautiful beach with white sand and light waves. Visitors also can lie on grass to read books, play sea sports like parasailing, jetskiing, kayak boating, beach volleyball, diving, etc. 
Especially, an area for mineral and mud bath has just opened in Hon Tam. It has a 1,500 sq.m pool for mud bath, pools for groups and 100 pools for two people. The pools are arranged like terraced rice fields. Visitors can contemple the sea while bathing. Visitors also can bathe in hot mineral swimming pools. 
To enjoy traditional Vietnamese food, visitors can come to Hon Viet Restaurant where they can contemplate Nha Trang Bay.
After sunset, Hon Tam is still charming. Enjoying dinner by the pool in the romantic space of the sea and the beautiful sound of songs performed by the band from Philippines. 
Then, guests will spend a night in bungalows on mountain slopes, and then welcome the sunrise with the nature. 
Meperle Hon Tam Resort, built on Hon Tam island, Nha Trang, has 49 bungalows and 15 villas. There are a lot of entertainment activities here. People who don’t stay in the resort can visit Hon Tam with two following packages: VND600,000/person for entrance to the entertainment area, and VND850,000/person for entrance to the whole resort. Visitors also can take mud bath at the price of VND350,000/person. 
Thanh Nguyen
Translated by T.T