Ta Gu Waterfall, potential spot for ecotourism

Saturday, 09/05/2015, 22:48 [GMT+7]

Ta Gu Waterfall, potential spot for ecotourism

Khanh Son District, a mountainous district of Khanh Hoa Province, owns a lot of potentials for ecotourism. Ta Gu Waterfall is such a place, but its potentials have not been developed.



Potentials for tourism


Ta Gu Waterfall, located in Son Hiep Commune, Khanh Son District, is a famous beauty spot. Primeval forest and mountain here has diversified ecosystem, creating landscapes imposing, fascinating and valuable for ecotourism.


Ta Gu Waterfall has two branches, which look like two elephant’s tusks. The main waterfall, 40 meters in height, falls into a 200 sq.m. lake, where visitors can swim in fresh water. Near this lake is another placid wide lake where visitors can catch fish and grill them on flat rocks right by it. Along the stream from the lake is the place for tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery here. Most tourists admire the natural beauty of Ta Gu Waterfall.


The waterfall has been recognized as a historical, cultural and beautiful site at provincial level since 2009. However, its potentials up to now have not been exploited well to develop tourism. According to Khanh Son District Culture – Information Bureau, Ta Gu Waterfall has been oriented to tourism, but it lacks investment.


Project of ecotourism


According to Mau Thai Cu, Vice-chairman of Khanh Son District People’s Committee, the district has upgraded the traffic road from Son Hiep Commune center to Ta Gu Waterfall to make tourists travel more easily to the beauty spot. In Khanh Son’s socioeconomic development project till 2025, the district will cooperate with Nha Trang City, Bai Dai tourist area to  set up ecological tours for tourists to discovering forests and mountains, visiting gardens to enjoy local farm products and study culture of ethnic minorities in the district. Beside Ta Gu Waterfall, considered as a main tourist spot, the district will expand tourism in two other places, including Suoi Da (in Ba Cum Bac Commune) and Doc Quy Waterfall (in Son Lam Waterfall).


To carry out the project, the district will form some areas producing agricultural specialties to serve tourists such as corn, manioc, durian, rambutan and purple sugarcane. The district also will develop traditional handicrafts of ethnic minorities as well as traditional cultural features of Raglai people as tourist products. In additional, training staff for tourism will be intensified.


Beside this, the province has laid down a policy the expanse of the provincial Road 9 and open the route linking three destinations Ta Gu Waterfall, Hon Ba and Yang Bay Waterfall. The provincial People’s Committee has entrusted Yasaka-Saigon-Nhatrang Hotel with planning and promoting investment to develop tourism in Ta Gu Waterfall.