Cam Ranh City:

Traffic infrastructure development focused

Friday, 03/02/2023, 17:39 [GMT+7]

Traffic infrastructure development focused

In 2022, Cam Ranh City People’s Committee focused on improving traffic infrastructures, facilitating travel and other services for production and business purposes.

Nearly 30 households in Hoa Diem Village, Cam Thinh Dong are so happy that the work on a new inter-village road has completed. In early 2022, thanks to residents’ land contribution to the road construction, the 200m road was invested with a capital of over VND260 million before Tet. A resident named Nguyen Thi Du said, “a narrow and muddy road was replaced by a new wide one, making the travel more convenient.” The construction of Truong Sa Road, 3.5m in width and 350m in length, in Cam Nghia Ward was also completed in 2022, ensuring the safety and convenience of road users.


1Truong Sa Road in in Cam Nghia Ward.


Cam Loi Ward is one of the localities with effective propaganda for road construction. Some roads in the ward, including Nguyen Tri Phuong Street in Loi Phuc residential quarter, have been concreted.

The route which used to be flooded in rains, causing travel disruption was invested, nearly 270m long, 3-5m wide, with an investment capital of more than VND1 billion completed, bringing much joy to residents. According to Vu Trong Hoang, Vice-Chairman of Cam Loi Ward People's Committee, in 2022, the ward built 6 traffic works with a total investment of more than VND4.5 billion. In addition to the State funding, the ward mobilized locals to contribute to concreting Loi Hiep lane; mobilized 2 households to donate land to the road D in Loi Hiep residential quarter. The work on the roads has been completed, making travel safer and more convenient.

Along with the State funding, in 2022, Cam Ranh City Party Committee and authorities at all levels propagated and mobilized people to get engaged in the construction and upgrading of inter-commune and inter-village roads. Rural transport development criteria were included in the resolutions of the local People's Councils of communes and wards. Therefore, the transport network in the city has improved in both quantity and quality and better met the travel needs; serving the transportation of goods. especially agricultural products and boosting trade links.

According to Nguyen Binh Nam, Chief of the city's Urban Management Department, transport plays an important role in the urban development and new rural construction process. Over the past time, the Urban Management Department has provided counseling for the City People's Committee and directed relevant agencies to develop traffic investment plans and maintenance. In 2022, the city basically completed planned roads, serving local travel needs, painting a brighter picture of the city, contributing to the implementation of the criteria for upgrading Cam Ranh City to become a type II urban area.

Spacious concrete roads have proved effective and appropriate policies and good governance, helping provide better connection among communities, contributing to boosting socio-economic growth and improving local living standards.

In 2022, the city examined and put 106 traffic works into service with a total investment of more than VND50 billion, including more than VND270 million voluntarily contributed by locals. The improvement in traffic works has helped facilitate travel, contributing to traffic accident reduction and the implementation of new rural development and urban civilization targets in the city.


Translated by N.T