Khanh Hoa Economics School:

Effort to improve training quality

Thursday, 01/12/2022, 00:06 [GMT+7]

Effort to improve training quality

Khanh Hoa Economics School has made several innovations in student enrolment and training to improve the quality of human resources, meeting increasing employment requirements and labor market demands.

Innovation in student enrolment and training

In a well-equipped practice room for cooking, hundreds of students of Khanh Hoa Economics School were making chicken salad and cocktail. They worked in groups, trying to meet food and drink requirements within time limits. Mai Nguyen Nhat Huy says, “Most of my school time is for practice, so I can improve my skills easily. Teachers are enthusiastic. The school cooperates with restaurants in Nha Trang City to provide us chances for experiential learning and apprenticeship. After 2 years at school, I can cook many Asian and European dishes. During my practice time at Yen Sao Restaurant, I am given an opportunity to work for the restaurant when graduating.”


Cooking practice at Khanh Hoa Economics School.

Luong Van Luong, Principle of Khanh Hoa Economics School says, over years, the school has focused on comprehensive innovation in student enrolment. In order to attract learners, the school has promoted propaganda directly at high schools, on social media and school portal. The school year 2021-2022, the school enrolled 442 students; In the academic year 2022-2023, 473 students were enrolled in the Enterprise Accounting; Industrial and household electrics; Tourism business and management; Information Technology; Restaurant and hotel business; and Professional cooking techniques.

To improve training quality, 80% of the training time is for hands-on training, both in and outside the classroom at business; life skill education and professional etiquette. The school has also invited 52 teachers who are vocational experts at big businesses, linked with businesses to provide actual environment for experiential learning and practice; purchased sufficient equipment for teaching and learning.

The curricula are updated and innovated pursuant to the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs’ requirements. The innovation in teaching methods has helped trigger learners' interest and motivation to learn better. 85 - 90% of students are employed on average.

Raising operation quality

Besides vocational training, the school has also provided high-school education, following the Ministry of Education and Training and Department of Education and Training’s curricula with currently 1,023 students. Besides academic studies, there are life skill education and picnics to widen knowledge about the society, culture and history.

Furthermore, the school has also provided regular and elementary-level  vocational training for laborers under the direction of the Department of Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the school provided training for 252 workers. Since the beginning of the year, the school has trained nearly 300 workers. The school has provided the best environment for staff, teachers and students to conduct research and create teaching devices; accelerated digital transformation towards a digital school, digital infrastructures,  digital textbooks, digital curricula, virtual reality and so on.

All teachers use e-lesson plans and apply advanced technologies in teaching, making the class more dynamic and fun, contributing to improving teaching quality. According to Ta Hong Quang, Director of Khanh Hoa Department of Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs, in the 2022-2023 academic year, Khanh Hoa Economics School has reached 113.8% of student enrolment criteria. The school has also taken many solutions to improve the training quality to meet the labor market demands. In the coming time, the school needs making continued effort to raise the quality of training; link closely with enterprises in training and offering more job opportunities to learners; innovate curricula and teaching methods, etc.

Since the beginning of the year 2022, the school has opened professional development courses for nearly 100 workers in small and medium-sized enterprises affected by Covid-19; provided vocational training for 8 adults having completed military service, job counseling for 500 people; vocational training counseling for 1,500 people; provided labor market information for 50 enterprises.

Translated by N.T