06:12, 06/12/2022

Great effort in digital transformation and training

The Information Technology Foreign - Language Center under Telecommunications University is national defense cooperation between Vietnam and India since 2015...

The Information Technology Foreign - Language Center under Telecommunications University is national defense cooperation between Vietnam and India since 2015. The opening of the center has paved the way for high-quality workforce training in information technology with excellence in foreign languages and research to develop information technology products for national defense and the society. After 7 years of operation, the center has showed great effort in digital transformation and training improvement.

Tens of thousands of learners

The center has nearly 150 staff, experts, engineers and researchers with sufficient modern equipment. The center has provided training in network administration, programming, information security, and IT skills for nearly 20,000 military forces, cadres and civil servants in the region.


1Signing cooperation agreement with Beowulf Blockchain Technology Group.

In addition, the center in coordination with the Department of Information & Communications Technologies has organized information safety and security courses conducted by Japanese experts for 25 cadres according to the General Staff’s plan; professional IT skills for 14 lecturers of the Faculty of IT - cybersecurity; data center management skills for 15 university staff; basic IT skills for more than 11,750 officials, lecturers, students, military officers, police officers and local civil servants.

The center has opened many foreign language courses such as English, Chinese and Japanese at al levels, IELTS, TOEIC and Cambridge exam courses for thousands of military staff and students, specifically, B1 level training for 244 learners, B2 for 97, Australian English for 15 and communicative Japanese for 824 students. Besides, English courses at all levels have been opened for more than 7,000 people.        

IT product research         

The center has cooperated with several partners in the implementation of information technology projects such as Quang Trung Software Park (Ho Chi Minh City), Tecapro Center, InCom Company, Xelex Company, IVS Vietnam, Ltd., Vietnam Hi-Tech Engineering Company, Ltd., Patsoft Company, Storm 12 Company, VIET ASIA Company, Beet Soft Company, etc.

Other practical projects already applied in reality include hi-tech agricultural management software; Japanese language learning app; on-street car-parking management and monitoring systems; facial recognition systems; Blockchain technology-based certificate storage system (ASPLOMA)…

Playing an important role in high-quality workforce training for national defense, civil purposes and dual-use industry, the Center of Information Technology and Foreign Technology will strive to become a medium-size miliary business, creating regular work for approximately 1,000 people, fulfill duties assigned by the Ministry of Defense and effectively participate in domestic and international information technology and foreign technology markets.

The center will focus on improving the quality of training and professional development from basic to advanced levels in IT and foreign languages based on national and international standards; diversify training methods; continue searching for partners and gradually enter the market as a provider of IT, electronic and telecommunication equipment and services in the army and the region according to capacities and market demands; access domestic and international software outsourcing markets, according to Colonel Tran Van Thuan, Director of the Center of Information Technology and Foreign Technology.


Translated by N.T