Various approaches to improve PARI, SIPAS, PCI and PAPI

Thursday, 22/09/2022, 18:48 [GMT+7]

Various approaches to improve PARI, SIPAS, PCI and PAPI

Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee has just issued Document No. 8537 requesting agencies and localities to take measures to increase Public Administration Reform Index (PARI), Satisfaction Index of Public Administrative Services (SIPAS), Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) 2022.

According to Vo Chi Vuong, Director of the Department of Home Affairs, Khanh Hoa Province has achieved some satifactory outcomes related to PARI, SIPAS, PCI and PAPI over the past years, thanks to regular and direct leadership and direction of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, Provincial People's Committee together with the close coordination of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee and socio-political organizations, the efforts of agencies and localities. The Provincial People's Committee issued Document No. 8537 to direct the implementation of solutions to raise the provincial index scoring and ranking in 2022 and beyond.


1An official of Ninh Thuy Ward Youth Union of (Ninh Hoa Town) gives guide to administrative procedures in the ward.

Accordingly, the Provincial People's Committee required agencies and localities to strengthen the dissemination and raise awareness of cadres and civil servants, especially increase the roles and responsibilities of leaders; strictly implement regulations on publicity and transparency of master plans, projects, local revenues and expenditures; guide and create favorable conditions for individuals and organizations to access to full information about mechanisms and policies. Regarding administrative procedure reform, agencies and localities were asked to continue proposing simplification of administrative formalities in investment, land, construction, justice and so on; implement the national one-door mechanism in handing administrative procedures and providing online public services; increase dossiers handled on schedule; announcing hotlines and regulations about the administrative procedures, publicly posting up the results of handling residents and organizations’ proposals and suggestions, etc.

In addition, the Provincial People's Committee requested agencies and localities to keep promoting propaganda for the benefits of online public services and online payment; support residents with administrative procedures; maintaining and renovating the method of surveying the satisfaction of people and organizations with the service provided by State administrative agencies, striving for the satisfaction level of more than 83% in 2022 pursuant to the provincial administrative reform plan; strengthen dialogues, promptly remove barriers, settle complaints and denunciations; increase accountability; take proposals and recommendations into consideration via periodical public meetings and voter meetings; promote investment, trade and business assistance; strengthen administrative reform inspection and supervision, thereby reducing and strictly handling violations in administrative reform. The province has strived to complete disbursement of 100% of public investment capital in 2022 by January 31, 2023 by taking several solutions to fulfil local financial and budgetary tasks.

To improve administrative procedures related to land use, Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee has requested the Department of Natural Resources & Environment to suggest solutions to improve administrative procedures related to land use; facilitate individuals and organizations to complete administrative procedures as well as officials working on the one-door public service system; continue urging and guiding agencies under their management to speed up the digitization of administrative procedures in the land sector; send and receive e-documents to save time and costs, improve the efficiency of coordination in handling administrative procedures.

Moreover, to further improve the quality of public governance and administration at the provincial to grassroots levels to raise the provincial PAPI, the Provincial People's Committee also requested the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, the Provincial Party Committee's Commission of Propaganda & Training, the Provincial Party Committee's Mass Mobilization Committee, the Party Committees at district and commune levels and socio-political organizations to coordinate in propagating and performing supervision of the implementation of PAPI; the Department of Home Affairs to monitor and report results and provide counseling for the Provincial People's Committee to direct and solve problems arising in the implementation process.


Translated by N.T