Enhancing English proficiency in civil service

Wednesday, 21/09/2022, 20:25 [GMT+7]

Enhancing English proficiency in civil service

English professional training courses sponsored by the U.S Ministry of Foreign Affairs for public service sector officials in Khanh Hoa Province help enhance English proficiency in civil service and daily use.

The first English professional training course took place from April 3 to August 20 with two online classes, 80 periods in total: basic communicative English (18 learners) and Advanced English (16 learners). Learner Tran Thi Thuong, Khanh Hoa Provincial Monument Conservation Center says, “Teachers are experienced, providing interesting and useful knowledge to help me improve my English language skills in daily life and at work as well as  develop team work skills.”


1Learners pose for commemorative pictures at  the ceremony  for closing the first and opening the second English professional training course.


According to the class organizer, the classes are held on schedule. Both teachers and learners show enthusiasm in class activities. The classes provide opportunities for learners to practice and improve their English language skills but also widen their knowledge, develop skills related to foreign affairs and the use of online communicative apps and presentation tools.

The English professional training courses are held by Khanh Hoa Department of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Regional English Language Office under the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi City, U.S. Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City. The courses are within the Online English Language Specialist Program sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The first course brought satisfactory results. However, some problems need improving related to teacher-student interaction, technical issues during online classes, etc, says Le Thi Nguyet, Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

According to Jerrold Frank, Director of the Regional English Language Office, the learners of the first course well managed their time to both fulfill their duties and complete the training course. I hope, what they learned from the course will help them master their English at work. The course is held in 8 cities and provinces and expected to expand in the coming time. The next classes in Khanh Hoa Province will be organized better and more efficiently.

According to Dinh Van Thieu, Vice-Chairman of Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee, with experienced teachers, the English course promises to inspire the love for learning English language and promote significant progress. The knowledge and kills gained from the course are expected to promote work efficiency.

As soon as the first course closed, the second course opened from September 19 to December with 50 learners, including 34 attending the basic communicative English language and 16 others taking part in the advanced English on foreign affairs.

Translated by N.T