Promoting e-invoicing

Monday, 20/06/2022, 08:50 [GMT+7]

Promoting e-invoicing

Khanh Hoa Taxation sector has taken many measures in an effort to promote e-invoicing with as many as 96.1% of organizations and businesses having registered to use e-invoices so far.
Variety of measures taken
Under the Decision No. 206, dated February 24, 2022 on the application of e-invoices in 57 centrally-governed provinces and cities and Directive No. 06 by the Provincial People's Committee, the provincial Tax Department has actively implemented many solutions to meet the schedules.
Accordingly, the Provincial Department of Taxation and its branches have provided consultancy for the Provincial People's Committee and district-level People's Committees to set up steering committees and issue documents on e-invoicing in localities. Particularly, the tax sector has focused on coordinating with press agencies and the Commission of Propaganda and Training to promote propaganda for e-invoicing among taxpayers; working with experienced providers of e-invoicing solutions to provide assistance and quality services to clients in the province. Tax authorities at all levels in the province have provided training on e-invoicing for taxpayers; promptly supported enterprises to handle problems via hotlines and support channels; and ensured the e-invoice system operates stably. Taxpayers are classified as enterprises, economic organizations, business households or individuals on the e-invoice system.


Giving e-invoicing instructions to taxpayers.
According to Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung, an accountant of Phu Hien Trade Company, Ltd. (Nha Trang City), since 2021, the company has replaced paper-based invoicing with e-invoicing which brings lots of benefits such as savings in time and costs for printing to postage; faster processing, more accuracy and convenience. In late April, the company began to switch to e-invoicing pursuant to the Circular 78/2021 guiding the implementation of e-invoicing. Tax officials have promptly given guidance to clients together with stable connectivity so the e-invoicing has gone smoothly.
Striving to meet roadmap schedules 
From July 1, 2022, taxpayers are required to register for the use of e-invoices pursuant to Decree 123 dated October 19, 2020 by the Government stipulating invoices and relevant documents and Circular 78. Therefore, taxpayers may contact tax authorities for instructions if having any problems. Tax authorities continue promoting propaganda on the mass media via Zalo, Email, Etax, tax website; and e-invoices training for taxpayers.
In addition, the Provincial Department of Taxation has directed relevant agencies to notify taxpayers of e-invoicing to ensure paper invoices fully substituted with e-invoices pursuant to Circular 78; closely coordinate with service providers to help taxpayers solve problems related to e-invoicing. “The efforts of both the Tax sector, service providers and taxpayers are required to reach the roadmap schedules. The use of e-invoices with tax authorities' codes on helps enhance customers' trust in goods and service providers. Tax authorities are to ensure that the e-invoice system operates stably to serve e-invoicing, according to Luong Xuan Thu, Chief of the Taxpayer Support and Propaganda Office, Director of E-Invoice Implementation Management Center.

By May 31, as many as 10,282 taxpayers registered to use e-invoices, accounting for 96.1%, of which Nha Trang City Taxation Department reached the highest rate (98.3%); 816 business households registered to use e-invoices, reaching 100%.


Translated by N.T