Viettel Group and Khanh Hoa Province:

Digital transformation cooperation

Tuesday, 24/05/2022, 22:50 [GMT+7]

Digital transformation cooperation

Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee has just signed a digital transformation cooperation agreement with Viettel Group (Viettel), adding more resources for digital transformation promotion in Khanh Hoa Province.
Comprehensive cooperation
Based on the agreement, from now to 2025, Viettel will support comprehensive digital transformation in Khanh Hoa in some sectors: providing consultancy related to digital transformation; developing digital infrastructures, upgrading digital platforms and databases, digital government, digital economy and digital society; and ensuring cyber security.
Specifically, Viettel Group will send experts to coordinate with local agencies in the province to build and accelerate digital transformation strategies. Viettel will also build 5G telecommunications network, Internet of Things (IoT), broadband infrastructures and a data security center in the province. Priorities will be given to building telecommunications infrastructures, deploying 5G network in some major sites, State agencies, urban areas, industrial zones, schools, hospitals, resorts and on automated guided vehicles. Viettel will provide consultancy related to digital transformation; build telecommunications infrastructures and promote solutions and technologies for upgrading digital platforms and databases, especially cloud computing.


Introducing Viettel’s technological solutions at the digital transformation workshop in Khanh Hoa.



Regarding to promoting digital government, Viettel will provide digital transformation consultancy in terms of cyber security solutions for the development of digital government; give suggestions related to the provincial digital transformation index; propose digital transformation solutions in the fields of tourism, transportation, agriculture, postal services, e-commerce; smart platforms for healthcare, education, finance, natural resources and environment, agriculture, construction, planning and investment, etc.

As for the development of the digital economy, Viettel will provide support for the promotion of digital platforms; introduce digital transformation solutions in the fields of tourism, transportation, agriculture, postal services, e-commerce; propose the Provincial people’s Committee would build a logistics and e-trade center in Khanh Hoa planned to serve as an important Hub in the Central regions and highlands.
The corporation will introduce digital transformation measures through some smart platforms in health care, education, tourism; promote non-cash payment on Viettel Money app; propose solutions to information system monitoring and information security, and prevent and combat targeted cyber attacks in accordance with the current state of the local network infrastructures, ensuring the access to the National Cyber Security Center.
Accelerating the implementation
Speaking at the signing ceremony, Nguyen Hai Ninh, Central Party Committee Member, Secretary of Khanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee expressed confidence in the digital transformation cooperation between Khanh Hoa Province and Viettel Group. He suggested that the two sides would urgently develop a specific cooperation plan, focusing on implementing key cooperation contents and priority fields, especially mobilizing the participation of businesses and the community and make good use of the province's budget in digital economic development. The leader hoped Viettel Group would invest more in areas of its strength and provide digital transformation training in the province.
Nguyen Tan Tuan, Deputy Secretary of Khanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee affirmed that the cooperation agreement showed the determination of the province to take advantage of opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Khanh Hoa considers digital transformation as a breakthrough approach in the provincial socio-economic development. Therefore, local agencies and departments were asked to fulfill their assigned tasks, focus on coordinating with Viettel to develop a detailed plan for the digital transformation cooperation to be soon implemented.
Tao Duc Thang, Chairman cum General Director of the Viettel believes in the human resources and technologies of Viettel in providing digital transformation support for Khanh Hoa Province, adding that Viettel will conduct 5G trials in Nha Trang City after the signing ceremony.
In recent years, Khanh Hoa has focused on building digital government, promoting the application of information technology in administrative reform; focus on promoting digital transformation. Therefore, the digital transformation cooperation with telecommunications and information technology groups is of great significance to the province.
Translated by N.T