Steep drop-off in new Covid cases, proactive approach for pandemic control

Saturday, 30/04/2022, 23:58 [GMT+7]

Steep drop-off in new Covid cases, proactive approach for pandemic control

Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee has just issued a Covid-19 prevention and control plan, period 2022-2023 with specific solutions to achieve the goal of effective pandemic mitigation.
Steep drop-off in new Covid cases
The daily new Covid cases which reported to be around 500 in the province in March has fallen precipitously to under 100 or even 50 in the recent week in April. Since the pandemic outbreak in January 2020, Khanh Hoa has recorded over 118,820 Covid-19 cases, ranking 29/63. In the 4th pandemic wave alone from June 23, 2021, more than 118,480 cases have been detected, according to Khanh Hoa Steering Board for Covid-19 Prevention and Control.


Administering a vaccine shot to a student under 12 in Van Ninh District.
To improve the medical treatment and reduce the fatalities, the health care sector has utilized Remdesivir, an antiviral medication administered via injection for mild-to-moderate Covid-19 patients; Molnupiravir 400mg for mild Covid-19 patients; Favipiravir 200mg, etc. The recovered cases have increased sharply, accounting for over 99%; 354 deaths of Covid-19 have been reported.
The Covid-19 vaccination acceleration has greatly contributed to the fight against the epidemic in the province. Reportedly, 100% adults have received at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccines with over 84% getting the booster. 100% kids aged 12 to 17 have got the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine with 99% fully vaccinated. Since April 20, Khanh Hoa has administered Covid-19 vaccines to 9,142 kids aged 5 to under 12, accounting for 6.53%.
Several Covid-19 control measures 
Under the Government's Resolution No. 38 on the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control program, the Provincial People's Committee has issued a plan to implement the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control program in the Khanh Hoa Province in 2022-2023. The overall goal of the plan is to put the Covid-19 pandemic under control, contain the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in the community; protect health and safety, minimize severe Covid-19 cases and promote socio-economic recovery and development.
To achieve the above targets, the health sector must speed up vaccination coverage; strengthen disease surveillance; accelerate the implementation of programs, schemes and projects to reorganize and strengthen the health system; improve the capacity of grassroots health care and preventive medicine facilities; improve medical treatment and care; ensure sufficient human resources and regimes for those involved in Covid-19 prevention and control; continue the vaccination campaign, giving the 1st and 2nd doses against Covid-19 to children aged 5 to under 12; closely monitor the pandemic and promptly and effectively adapt to the evolution of the epidemic in the province, in the country and in the world while pursuing economic recovery; increase investment in facilities and human resources for grassroots health care and preventive medicine facilities; gradually upgrade the labs of the Provincial Center for Disease Control and a number of key medical centers; mobilize private medical facilities to get involved in epidemic prevention and control; continue improving professional competence at general and specialized hospitals; consolidate the pre-hospital emergency care system; get prepared to set up Covid-19 treatment facilities in accordance with the epidemic situation; take advantage of access to resources of Covid-19 medicines, etc, according to Dr. Bui Xuan Minh, Director of the Department of Health.

Apart from health care tasks, Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee has asked relevant agencies, People’s Committees of districts and towns to enhance the leadership and direction of local Party Committees and authorities in Covid-19 prevention and control; assure social welfare and security; boost telecommunications and information technology application; and mobilize all people to join effort to tackle the pandemic. 

Translated by N.T