Ran Trao marine ecosystem regenerating well

Wednesday, 06/04/2022, 23:15 [GMT+7]

Ran Trao marine ecosystem regenerating well

Ran Trao marine ecosystem (Van Hung Commune, Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province) has shown signs of strikingly high regeneration thanks to the joint effort of the fishing community, the fisheries sector, local government and organizations. However, the management and protection of the ecosystem are still faced with challenges. 
Joining forces for the protection of marine ecosystem
Ran Trao marine ecosystem protected zone covers nearly 89ha, including 54ha strictly protected core zone with abundant coral reef on Van Phong Bay. Marine creatures in Ran Trao account for 50% of those found on Van Phong Bay. Ran Trao also has rich fauna and flora, including coral reef  making up 64%, fish: 69% and sea grass: 75% of the total creatures on the bay.
Ran Trao Marine Ecological Reserve was established in 2008 for the zoning and protection of marine resources, conservation of marine environment, scientific research, study tours, and livelihood development. Since its foundation, Ran Trao Marine Ecological Reserve has received much support from several non-governmental organizations such as the International Marine Life Alliance, Danish International Development Agency, World Wide Fund for Nature, Centre for Marine life Conservation & Community Development, Community Development Fund and Coastal Resources For Sustainable Development Project (CRSD). The zoning and protection of Ran Trao Marine Ecological Reserve have proved effective over years.
Releasing breeders in an effort to regenerate marine resources.


According  to Than Thi Hien, Deputy Director of the Centre for Marine life Conservation & Community Development, Ran Trao is home to a typical marine ecosystem in Khanh Hoa. Thanks to conservation efforts, many types of aquatic species, reef fish, and corals have been gradually restored. The survey in 2020 by the Sub-Department of Fisheries and related units showed that corals and sea grass were growing well back to a thick density, including hard and soft corals; kinds of reef fish, shrimp, crab, snail, sea cucumber, abalone, sea urchin and so on. In addition, local people’s awareness of the preservation of marine environment and aquatic resources has been enhanced with destructive fishing practice in Ran Trao basically eliminated.

Solutions to challenges 

In order to better manage and protect the marine ecosystem in Ran Trao, the Sub-Department of Fisheries has collaborated with the Centre for Marine life Conservation & Community Development to build a co-management model of the protected area, conserve the reef ecosystem; set up groups specialized in strengthening communications and boosting patrols for the monitoring and protection; develop livelihood models associated with community-based tourism, support people to alter for more environmentally friendly fishing and farming, etc.
However, there are still some challenges due to lack of marker buoys for zoning to prevent vessels from entering for illegal fishing, equipment and staffing shortage.
Along with the efforts of the local community management team, the support of non-governmental organizations and agencies, the local fisheries sector has provided consultancy for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to propose to the Provincial People's Committee a project on the construction of the Ran Trao marine ecosystem protection zone to further develop the marine ecosystem protection zone, ensuring sustainable livelihoods. The project has main investment items such as installing zoning and signaling buoys in the core area with 82 buoys made of composite materials, 50m apart; building 1 new patrol boat; reinforcing and repairing watchtowers at sea, according to Nguyen Trong Chanh, Head of the Sub-Department of Fisheries.
Translated by N.T