Covid-19 vaccines rolling out among kids aged 5 to under 12

Tuesday, 26/04/2022, 23:55 [GMT+7]

Covid-19 vaccines rolling out among kids aged 5 to under 12

Khanh Hoa Province is rolling out Covid-19 vaccines to kids aged 5 to under 12, administering the first dose to the sixth-graders aged under 12 in this vaccination drive.
Ensuring safe vaccine delivery
On April 20, Van Ninh District is the first community to administer the vaccine to kids aged 5 to under 12 in Khanh Hoa. On the morning, over 100 sixth-graders of Au Co Junior High School, Van Gia Town got vaccinated. Before the vaccination, teachers had been instructed how to fill in forms for screening tests.
After vaccination, the kids were monitored for 30 minutes. Most of them had no severe side effects. Waiting for his turn, Vo Nguyen Anh Tu, Class 6/3, Au Co Junior High School, said, “All my family members have been vaccinated. I am the youngest, so I didn’t get vaccinated until now. I’m so happy to be protected from the disease.” Reportedly, 100% of students aged under 12 received parental consent for vaccination.


Van Ninh District health worker administers Covid-19 vaccine to a pupil of Me Linh Junior High School.
Similarly, at Me Linh Junior High School, the Covid-19 vaccination for the 6th-graders also went smoothly. Nguyen Giang, Principal of Me Linh Junior High School said, the school well prepared for the vaccination. Since March, the school had instructed head teachers to propagandize the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccination. All of its 131 students in the age group received parental consent for the vaccination.
According to Tran Van Minh, Deputy Director of Van Ninh District Medical Station, since the beginning of April, the district has prepared sufficient facilities for the vaccine rollout to ensure safety. The district has held 4 training sessions for medical staff and teachers at junior high schools and nursery schools; established 14 vaccination sites and 14 vaccination desks placed at junior high schools; prepared sufficient medications for risks of anaphylaxis to the Covid-19 vaccines.
Starting with the older and moving progressively to the younger
On April 19, the Provincial People's Committee issued a plan on the Covid-19 vaccination delivery for children aged 5 to under 12 in the province. The goal of the campaign is 95% of children in the age group to be vaccinated with 2 doses of the same type of vaccine in 2022. The vaccination will be implemented immediately when the vaccines are available, ensuring the safety of injections.
As planned, the campaign will be implemented throughout the province under the Ministry of Health’s guidance and schedule. The vaccination will start with the older and move progressively to the younger. Pupils will receive vaccines at schools and others at medical stations. Kids with children with congenital, chronic diseases, heart and lung problems or history of level-3 anaphylaxis will be vaccinated at the hospital. Pfizer (or Comirnaty) and Moderna (Spikevax) vaccines are used for kids. They will get 2 doses, 4 weeks apart. Children who have infected with Covid-19 will get the vaccines later in the next drive.
"In order to prepare for the campaign, from March, the Department of Health has directed units to prepare facilities, equipment, cold chain, human resources, etc. for vaccination sites; provided training for all health workers and those involved in the vaccination campaign to ensure safety. In this drive, the province received 18,400 doses enough for school children aged 5 to under 12. The campaign will move to localities as soon as the Ministry of Health provides more vaccines for this age group," said Dr. Le Van Khoa, Deputy Director of the Department of Health.

There are more than 15,150 children aged 5 to under 12, including 15,000 at school and others in the community. 11,290 kids have parental consent for vaccines. In this vaccination drive, nearly 1,220 kids aged under 12 at grade 6, were vaccinated and they are in normal health condition after vaccination. Similarly, on April 21, the coronavirus vaccine rollout started among six-graders under 12 in Nha Trang, Cam Ranh, Dien Khanh, Ninh Hoa, etc.


Translated by N.T