Nha Trang towards sustainable thriving tourist city

Thursday, 31/03/2022, 22:42 [GMT+7]

Nha Trang towards sustainable thriving tourist city

Nha Trang is progressing towards a sustainable thriving tourist city, deeply bearing cultural significance, contributing to reaching the target of Khanh Hoa becoming a centrally-governed type 1 city by 2030.
Significant urban progress
Right after the Liberation Day, Nha Trang used to be a very small and thinly populated town with just few hotels, the highest having 4-5 storeys, along Tran Phu Street. Its center was just around some central wards such as Loc Tho, Van Thanh, Van Thang and Phuong Sai. In the suburban communes, the economy used to be still purely agricultural and transportation was underdeveloped. 
Over 45 years of development, Nha Trang has turned into a dynamic tourist city with urban space expanding, more and more high-rise hotels and transportation and trade development. According to the 2020 report of the Nha Trang City People's Committee, the city has the population of more than 426,000, 67.6% of whom are urban residents. Under the urban development program of Nha Trang City till 2025, with a vision till 2030, most communes and wards are under approved zoning planning with a coverage rate of 96.3%. The master planning on land use, detailed planning on construction of urban areas and functional areas have proved effective, ensuring the development orientation of the city in the future. In addition to breakthroughs in the development of transport infrastructures, Nha Trang has also developed many modern housing projects and new urban areas, creating an urban environment with new, civilized and modern living conditions.


A corner of southern Nha Trang. Photo: Khoa Tran.
Nguyen Sy Khanh, Chairman of Nha Trang City People's Committee said  the city has 108 projects of new urban areas, housing and infrastructures for residential areas. Some urban projects have been completed technical infrastructures such as: Vinh Diem Trung, VCN - Phuoc Long I, VCN - Phuoc Long II, VCN - Phuoc Hai, Phuoc Long, An Binh Tan, Le Hong Phong I, Le Hong Phong II and My Gia, contributing to painting a brighter picture in the west of the city.
Especially, the newly-built Vo Nguyen Giap Street and Ring Road 2 have highlighted the potentials of Nha Trang to the west. Phan Viet Hoang, General Secretary of Khanh Hoa Association of Real Estate Brokers said: "The proper policy of provincial leaders on the orientation of urban development of Nha Trang to the west with specific actions, including the implementation of 2 strategic links between Nha Trang City and its western area, has created a premise for the growth of modern urban areas now and in the future.
Some major projects are under construction to gradually improve basic urban infrastructures such as a saltwater intrusion prevention dam over Cai River, Ngoc Hoi Traffic Intersection, Embankment in Vinh Nguyen Ward, Provincial Road 3, Road 30 - connecting 23-10 Street with Vo Nguyen Giap Street; Nha Trang General Hospital, etc. In the near future, when these projects are completed, the city will have more advantages for socio-economic development as well as material and spiritual life improvement.
Towards green, sustainable city
According to experts, over the years, Nha Trang has created a dynamic urban image with many attractive tourism products, promptly adapting to the dramatical increase in tourist arrivals. To speed up urbanization, the Provincial People's Committee has approved the Urban Development Program of Nha Trang City till 2025 and vision till 2030 with a total investment of about VND50,000 billion, including community participation funding. The city will promote the implementation of public space development projects with more green space along Tran Phu Street, Pham Van Dong Streets, parks along the banks of the Cai River; step up tree planting campaigns to increase the number of trees to 1,257ha by the end of 2022.
Nha Trang is making adjustments to its master planning towards building a modern city with sustainable development based on current advantages. The project on adjusting the master planning of Nha Trang by 2040, by the National Institute of Urban and Rural Planning (Ministry of Construction) as a consulting unit, is in the completion process with the collection of residents’ ideas and opinions before submission to the authorities for approval.
“The goal is to develop Nha Trang into a green, clean and sustainable city with diverse services and high-class tourism and unique cultural and natural landscape values. At the same time, Nha Trang will become a center of national and international tourism events, a center for high-class healthcare and innovative research with a friendly, healthy living environment, rich in cultural and human values nationally and regionally”, said Nguyen Sy Khanh.
The project on adjusting the master planning of Nha Trang City till 2040 has oriented the development of urban space as follows: Improving the quality and value of existing urban space; expanding urban construction to the north, northwest, west, south and east, while ensuring promoting unique landscape values. 
The city will develop to be a multi-center urban area, with the main center being coastal urban areas and other central areas in the former Nha Trang Airport area, along the Cai River, in Dong Trung ecological urban area, south of Phong Chau Street, along Vo Nguyen Giap Street and main urban axes; on Hon Tre Island, along other rivers in the city and around parks in urban areas. The highlight is expected to be high-rise buildings, making urban impression, adding to the urban landscape attraction and tourism values; and increasing urban land use efficiency.
In addition, the project also plans a system of specialized centers to ensure the criteria of urban social infrastructure planning, improve the life quality such as a multi-purpose center of culture, events, services, fair and museum integrated into the Ocean Square; a center of culture and events in the urban area south of Phong Chau Street and in urban areas to meet actual needs; a new sports center in Phuoc Dong; about 14ha of land to medical centers in the communes of Vinh Ngoc, Dien An; new planning about 53ha of land for professional education and vocational training in Hon Nghe and Phuoc Dong. In addition, it is required to arrange at least 30ha of land for professional education and research in the high-tech creative urban area and business incubator in the Western Nha Trang and at least 10ha in the urban area northwest of Vinh Hoa lake together with more high schools in the communes of Vinh Trung, Phuoc Dong, Vinh Phuong, etc.
The planning has received ideas and suggestions from socio-economic experts, consultants and organizations at home and abroad. “According to experts, the project to adjust the master planning of Nha Trang City till 2040 has basically specified some contents about sustainable urban development. I believe Nha Trang will make breakthrough progress, worth a model of smart, sustainable city with unique cultural identity", said Nguyen Sy Khanh.

The urban development program of Nha Trang City till 2025 and vision till 2030 with a target till 2025 focuses on resources on fulfilling standards of type I urban area of Nha Trang City and inner-city areas; investing in the construction of 19 wards meeting the ward standards of type I urban area; Vinh Thai Commune up to ward standards of the type I urban area; by 2030, upgrading communes up to ward standards, achieving an urbanization rate of 95%; ensuring wards already recognized and remaining communes expected to be developed into wards meet ward standards of type I urban area.


Translated by N.T