Fostering skilled workforce growth

Friday, 18/06/2021, 11:10 [GMT+7]

Fostering skilled workforce growth

Currently, local skilled workforce has not yet met the labor market needs in Khanh Hoa Province. To improve workforce quality, Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee has recently had a plan to develop skilled human resources in the new situation.
Lack of skilled workforce
According to the Department of Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs, at present, there are about 50 public and non-public vocational schools in Khanh Hoa, meeting vocational training needs to improve workforce’s qualifications. Since 2020, vocational training institutions have recruited and provided training for more than 29,800 people, including more than 7,700 at colleges and intermediate high schools; and more than 22,100 taking vocational courses at primary and regular training levels. However, the structure of trained workers has not yet met enterprises’ growth requirements. The province is still lacking in high quality skilled technical workforce in such spearhead industries as food processing, construction, mechanics, information technology and marine economy. Contractors and enterprises investing in Van Phong Economic Zone have recruited about 4,000 technical workers. In spite of job vacancies constantly posted through job sessions and announced by associations, unions, communes, wards and towns, few job-seekers in the province are able to adapt to work requirements. Therefore, many employees are from outside the province.
In addition, there are approximately 10,000 businesses working in a variety of sectors, creating jobs for hundred thousands of people in the province. However, nearly 200,000 workers are untrained or unskilled laborers. According to job employers, there is still a shortage of skilled workers. Vocational retraining has been provided by enterprises to improve workforce’s skills and productivity and thus further meet job requirements. The trained workforce in Khanh Hoa has reached 60%.


There is a shortage in skilled workforce.


Striving for workforce with qualifications reaching 31% by 2025

In order to improve workforce’s productivity and increase national competitiveness in the new situation, the Provincial People’s Committee has issued a plan on skilled workforce development with the target of skilled laborers accounting for 85% of workforce, including 31% with qualifications.
To reach the target, in the coming time, local agencies and localities will focus on effectively implementing policies on vocational training, developing skilled workforce; strengthening digital transformation and online training; retraining and regular training to create drastic changes in terms of the scale, quality and effectiveness of vocational training; providing learners with professional, digital and soft skills, entrepreneurship skills and foreign languages, etc. to adapt to the requirements of the current labor market; implementing the project on vocational training and orientation, period 2018 - 2025”, making sure that at least 40% of junior high school graduates continue their study in vocational courses at primary and intermediate levels till 2025.
Every year, Khanh Hoa Department of Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs forecasts employment demand and updates data on skilled labor according to specific industries and training levels; applies information technology in supply and demand connection to improve training and employment efficiency.  
The Department will check and rearrange the system of vocational schools; quickly stabilize the organization, diversify investment resources, improve operational efficiency of vocational education institutions after rearranged; foster a genuine partnership among the State, schools and workplace in vocational training activities; encourage enterprises to employ and give competency-based pay; and strengthen international cooperation in vocational training activities. Especially, vocational education institutions will focus on linking with businesses in the training process to ensure combination in vocational training between schools and workplaces to facilitate leaners to both get professional knowledge and accumulate practical experience, according to Van Dinh Tri, Deputy Director of Khanh Hoa Department of Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs.
Translated by N.T