Traffic accidents fall sharply

Friday, 08/01/2021, 14:24 [GMT+7]

Traffic accidents fall sharply

Khanh Hoa Province saw much improvement in traffic safety in 2020 with a significant drop in cases of traffic collisions, injuries and fatalities compared with the year 2019.
Drastic measures 
Khanh Hoa was reported with the nation's most cases of traffic accidents, putting pressure on local authorities in Khanh Hoa in 2019. Therefore, Khanh Hoa People’s Committee has issued instructions on drastic measures to curb traffic accidents. Chairmen of People’s Committees of districts are to take responsibilities if there is a high increase in traffic accidents in their localities to the provincial People’s Committee Chairman.
Localities have taken drastic measures to assure safety for road users, especially enhancing propaganda to raise public awareness of traffic safety as well as focusing on patrols to make sure compliance with road traffic rules.


Traffic patrol on National Highway 1.


Senior Lieutenant-Colonel Nguyen Trong Thang, Deputy Chief of Traffic Division, Khanh Hoa Public Security says suitable measures have been conducted to assure traffic safety. In 2020, Khanh Hoa Public Security built and developed 10 plans, including boosting patrols and inspections to prevent and impose fines on road traffic offences, especially driving under the influence of alcohol.

109 traffic accidents were reported in 2020, killing 115 and injuring 26. Traffic accidents were down by 45 cases with fatalities down by 53 (37.7%), and injuries down by 38 (31.6%) compared with the same period last year.
Boosting compliance with traffic rules
Khanh Hoa Traffic Safety Board has issued a traffic safety plan on boosting compliance with road traffic rules for 2021 with the target to reduce traffic crashes and causalities by 5-10% compared with the year 2020.
In 2020, administrative fines, VND42.2 billion, for traffic offenses were issued on more than 33,200 out of 34,800 reported cases of traffic rule offence; 6,300 vehicles were seized; and 3,900 driving licenses, certificates of accreditation, inspection seals and vehicle badges were revoked.
Nguyen Trong Hien, Chief of Khanh Hoa Traffic Safety Board Office says besides targets to reduce traffic accidents, Khanh Hoa Traffic Safety Board Office has requested State management agencies on transportation to increase quality and patrol and inspection to prevent and punish any violations of traffic safety rules; accelerate and improve traffic infrastructure construction and maintenance to assure traffic safety, especially during  the peak time of Lunar new Year when travel spikes.
Moreover, localities need to apply information technology and achievements of the fourth industrial revolution in traffic management and control in instructions as well as support for patrols and inspections;  synchronously implement solutions to restrict the use of individual motor vehicles, tightly monitor technical safety and environmental protection performance of motor vehicles, especially in urban centers; speed up the restructuring of transport service systems, improve capacity and quality; and reduce fares to attract freight and passenger transport (rail, inland waterway, maritime and aviation); speed up investment process and development of urban public transport systems.
Thanh Nam
Translated by N.T