Digital insurance app VssID launched

Sunday, 22/11/2020, 15:57 [GMT+7]

Digital insurance app VssID launched

Vietnam Social Security VssID-Digital Social Insurance, a mobile application, has been launched by Vietnam Social Security (VSS). The VssID app facilitates access to social and medical insurance records.

Many conveniences

Vietnam Social Insurance has developed the mobile VssID app which provides users access to social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance information and services in order to establish a channel of communication, information and service with the social insurance agency.


The VssID mobile application provides access to essential information and utilities such as payment of social insurance premiums; social and health insurance policies, social insurance code, social insurance agents, hospitals and health clinics, enabling the use of health insurance cards for examination and treatment; and household health insurance and 24-hour support services.



Social insurance staff gives the app installation guide to public servants.


The app users can monitor their employers' obligation to pay social, health and unemployment insurance premiums for their employees, contributing to publicity and transparency and prevention of delays in payment of social, health and unemployment insurance benefits for employees.

The application is also a direct communication channel, providing access to social, health and unemployment insurance policies in order to help users know about the values of social welfare policies of the Party and the State.

VssID with integrated features is expected to gradually replace paper health insurance cards and social insurance books by electronic health insurance cards and social insurance books, providing online public services for individuals and online payment such as voluntary social insurance payment and household health insurance extension, according to Le Hung Chinh, Deputy Director in charge of Khanh Hoa Social Insurance.

10,000 installations so far

The provincial social insurance agency is boosting propaganda on the VssID application, use, meanings and benefits. Recently, the agency has released the app introduction video on the big screen at 2-4 Square. This is one of the steps to disseminate the app in the province. The VssID application installation guide has also been given to organizations, agencies and businesses in the province. Besides, staff is available at the social insurance agency’s one-door department to help with opening personal accounts for electronic transactions with the social insurance agency, on the National Public Administration Service Portal and installing the VssID app. “Although just launched, the app has been deployed for 3 months by the social insurance agency. About 10,000 people in the province have registered to use the app and the number of users is expected to climb rapidly in the near future,” Le Hung Chinh added.

Nguyen Tan Trung, a civil servant who has installed the VssID application said, “This app allows convenient search for my social insurance payment. The saved health insurance card can be used for medical examination and treatment. The app is also secure. However, the app installation seems to be a bit complicated for those not familiar with technologies. Users need help to fill in declaration forms and then enter identity card numbers. We hope that in the coming time, the app development will continue to improve its convenience.”


The app installment is not very complicated. Those already having transaction accounts with the social insurance agency need to install the VssID app from the App Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android). For new users, visit and follow instructions. After registering for online e-transaction accounts, users are asked to fill in and submit declaration forms to the social insurance agency; and present ID cards or passports for verification. The next installation steps will be guided by social insurance staff.

With the app installed, users can get access to facilities and conveniences from anywhere without direct contact with the social insurance agency. “With convenience and great speed, the app will to soon entice many users, especially young ones with knowledge of technology, I believe. Appropriate guidance and support will be given to the elderly to assure convenience for all users,” Le Hung Chinh said.

Minh Thiet
Translated by N.T