11:11, 23/11/2019

Improving vocational training

Vocational training quality in Khanh Hoa Province has increased steadily thanks to teaching staff's improved professional competence...

Over the past years, vocational training quality in Khanh Hoa Province has increased steadily thanks to teaching staff‘s improved professional competence.

Motivating teachers’ creation

Every year, Ninh Hoa Vocational School provides training for nearly 1,000 laborers. Most of the students are employed right after graduation. Enterprises regularly place training and employment orders with the school. Vocational schools regularly focused on improving teaching staff’ professional knowledge and skill; and especially motivating teachers’ research and creation of effective tools applied in teaching.


1Vocational teachers' professional competence has improved .

Teacher of welding techniques Le Hung Dung, Mechanics Department, Ninh Hoa Vocational School says to catch up with actual development, teachers are required to possess appropriate knowledge of the subject areas and professionalism to do research and create effective tools for teaching. Reportedly, his 3 creative tools are currently applied in teaching. 2 of them won 2 consolidation prizes at the National Teaching Equipment Contest. 

Nha Trang Technique & Technology College has also focused on improving teachers’ professionalism. “The college has supported sending teachers to Australia and Germany to study for professional development. Besides, teachers have been motivated and supported to do research and create teaching equipment. I myself have 9 initiatives and tools applied in teaching. Especially, the model on printing machine repair using a computer was awarded the 3rd prize at the National Teaching equipment Contest 2018,” says Huynh Tan Trinh, teacher of technology.

Focus on teaching improvement

To improve the teaching quality as well as teachers’ professional capacity, vocational schools have received technological transfer and professional training using advanced equipment in teaching. Nha Trang Technique & Technology College has 7 occupations chosen for focus training at international level (2 occupations), ASEAN levels (4) and national level (1). Nha Trang Technique & Technology College has also been selected by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs to cooperate with Chisholm Institute (Australia) in the training of 3 occupations and with Germany in the training of 2 others. Nha Trang Technique & Technology College has been among 5 schools involved in international standard evaluation in 2019. The training quality of key occupations has been assured with improved teaching facilities, teachers, curricula and student enrolment.

Principal Tran Van Hai says to confirm the training quality, the college has focused on national and regional key occupations, including information technology, car technology, industrial electronics, etc. The college has invested in improving infrastructures and teaching facilities, building curricula and developing international skill training for teachers.

In addition, with  the target of high quality labor force, vocational schools have focused on innovating teaching content and methods to better adapt to specific learners and actual demand; applying science and technology in teaching and practice; conducting research and creating teaching models of high practicality; compiling teaching materials based on new methods;  particularly, expanding cooperation with enterprises to facilitate learners’ access to real working places, helping them to possess advanced technology as well as sharpen their knowledge and skills.

In Khanh Hoa, there are 21 vocational schools, including 12 public ones with more than 1,400 qualified teachers. Every year, the vocational schools provides training for more than 13,000 people. To improve the teaching quality, schools focus on professional development for teachers and infrastructure investment and especially, ensure favorable conditions and support for teachers to do research and create teaching equipment. Teaching equipment contests are held every 3 years, opening opportunities for vocational teachers to meet and share teaching experience, etc, according  to Van Dinh Tri, Vice-Director of Khanh Hoa Department of Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs.

Van Giang
Translated by N.T