01:06, 03/06/2017

Various activities towards children

Khanh Hoa Women's Union at all levels has organized various practical activities for kids, especially those in disadvantaged communities...

Over the past years, Khanh Hoa Women’s Union at all levels has organized various practical activities for kids, especially those in disadvantaged communities.

Apart from propaganda and support for women to build happy families, Khanh Hoa Women’s Union has focused on child care and education tasks. Under the scheme “Educating 5 million mothers on good parenting”, child education and care skills, and psychosocial development knowledge have been provided for 153,200  parents with children under 16 years of age; reproductive health care and life skill education for 43,500 adolescents.

Besides, the union has cooperated with local departments, agencies and organizations to develop many programs and activities to raise women’s child care, education and management responsibilities and skills via the campaign “family with five nos and three cleans” known with such criteria as “no poverty, no criminal offence and social evil; no domestic violence, no more than two children, no malnutrition and dropouts among children together with clean home, clean kitchens and clean streets; the resolution on home-based child management and education on crime and social evil prevention, etc.

Groups and clubs on malnutrition control and prevention; “5 nos and 3 cleans”; building happy families have held periodical meetings to raise social and family responsibilities in assuring a safe and sound environment for kids’ all-round development. Besides, many practical activities have been held for children’s sake. In 2016, Khanh Hoa Women’s Union at all levels cooperated with local departments and organizations and the Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs sector to raise VND557 million subscription for 33,610 presents, 62 scholarships, 12 bikes and medical examination for 267 kids. Through emulation campaigns, Khanh Hoa Women’s Union at all levels also donated to constructions for children in disadvantaged areas. Van Ninh District Women’s Association sought donations to building an amusement park for children at Van Phuoc Commune Nursery School, Tan Phuoc Bac Village, Van Ninh District; offering 4 bikes worth VND1.5 million each for good students; scholarships worth VND9 million to 24 students; 20 warm coats and grants worth nearly VND5 million for sick children.

In addition, women in the communes of Van Tho, Van Thanh and Xuan Son sponsored 3 children in special need with a VND12 million grant/ year. Khanh Hoa Public Security Women’s Association built restrooms for Lien Sang Primary School, offered presents worth approximately VND100 million to Hoa Lan Nursery School, Lien Sang Commune, Khanh Vinh District and children in some areas. Ninh Hoa Town Women’s Association donated 2 physical exercise facilities and 40 gifts worth over VND10 million to Ninh Hoa Town Social Service Center. According to the leader of Khanh Hoa Women’s Union, the most disadvantages in child care, education and protection include limited child care and education knowledge of members and women in remote areas and ethnic minority communities.

Children at Ninh Hoa Town Social Service Center use new phyiscal exercise facilities.

Khanh Hoa Women’s Union at all levels plans to continue boosting propaganda to raise public awards of the importance of adolescent care, education and protection, especially child injury prevention; setting examples of “good people and good deeds”, expanding effective family and child support models; mobilizing members to effectively carry out poverty alleviation tasks to improve family living standard for better child care; cooperating with local authority, departments and agencies to continue raising funds for practical activities for children, according  to Le Thi Mai Lien, Vice-Chairperson of Khanh Hoa Women’s Union.

H. Quynh
Translated by N.T