Wide variety of elderly care

Wednesday, 01/10/2014, 21:46 [GMT+7]

Wide variety of elderly care

Over the past years, the elderly in Khanh Hoa Province have received much support from their families and the whole society for a happy and healthy life.

Khanh Hoa Association for the Elderly has held many activities to provide assistance and services for senior citizens to fulfill their special needs and requirements.

Vo Cang Association Branch for the Elderly provides check-ups for old people.

The Association for the Elderly has cooperated with the Division of Population & Family Planning, companies, hospitals and clinics to give healthcare counseling and check-ups for the elderly.

A free ocular examination program has been held since 2012 with the participation Saigon-Nha Trang Eye Hospital and Khanh Hoa General Hospital. Over 5,000 old people have been given disease-related information and more than 500 have been provided vision screening and cataract surgery free of charge.

“With poor vision due to old age, I used to have much difficulty in daily activities. Thanks to the ocular care, I can see more clearly now,” says 70 -year-old Nguyen Thi Hong, Dien Dien Commune, Dien Khanh District.

The free eye care program has ensured older adults stay in good health, remain self-sufficient and maintain a high quality of life.

According to Le Xuan Hanh, Chief of the Representative Board of Khanh Hoa Association for the Elderly, 26,600 old people are granted free medical insurance cards and over 22,800 are given check-ups and medicines free of charge a year. Medical activities are really meaningful and helpful to old people, especially deserted and lonely ones.

In addition to health care programs, support funds for parents and grandparents have been set up. Each member of Ninh An Commune Association for the Elderly, Ninh Hoa Town, saves at least VND100,000 a month to donate to its support fund for parents and grandparents.

The support fund for parents and grandparents has operated for over 15 years and VND34 million has been raised so far to help senior citizens, according to Dang Trong, Chairman of Ninh An Commune Association for the Elderly.

Vo Cang Association Branch for the Elderly has also sought donations by using 100 saving boxes and VND50 million has been raised. The fund has been used for gifts, health checks and grants for the poor and sick, etc.

Besides, many other activities have been held to promote mutual support in business to improve living standards. Le Xuan Hanh says 40% of the fund is for poor, sick and lonely members and 60% for business support. Much effort has been made to help the elderly to have a better mental and physical life.