Valuable support from Dien Khanh District Fatherland Front Committee

Monday, 29/09/2014, 18:45 [GMT+7]

Valuable support from Dien Khanh District Fatherland Front Committee

Dien Khanh District Fatherland Front Committee has provided valuable support for the needy with many practical activities.

Ngo Thi Thanh, Dien Dong Commune, has just received a 44m2 house worth VND50 million funded by the National Assembly Delegation of Khanh Hoa Province and Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Khanh Hoa Branch.

Nguyen Tan Tuan, Permanent Deputy Secretary of Khanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee, Head of the national assembly delegation of Khanh Hoa Province (Sixth from left) at a house handover ceremony.

Nguyen Van Toan, Dai Dien Tay 2, Dien Son Commune, has just moved to a new house worth VND100 million, including VND20 million funded by the commune Fatherland Front Committee and VND30 million from his relatives. “We used to live in a dilapidated house. It was so hot in summer and everything was leaking in our house in rain. I am so happy and grateful that my dream of a new house has come true,” Nguyen Van Toan says.

The above families have been among 28 beneficiaries from the housing support since 2014. The total construction expenditure has reached nearly VND900 million donated by individuals, organizations and companies in Khanh Hoa Province.

Over the past 5 years, 231 houses have been built at a cost of VND3.7 billion, according to Dien Khanh District Fatherland Front Committee. Many activities have been held to raise fund for the needy, benefiting hundreds of local residents.

Every year, VND200-300 million is donated to the charity fund at district level and VND450-500 million donated by 19 communes and towns. In addition, Dien Khanh District Fatherland Front Committee in association with the Division of Labor, Invalids & Social Affairs has opened vocational classes with job recommendation, given medical insurance support and granted medical insurance cards to disadvantaged students.

"Dien Khanh District Fatherland Front Committee has sought for donations to the fund for the needy. The support has varied from cash, gifts and unsecured loans for production and business expansion to house construction materials. Besides, other activities have included contributing a workday, responding to the Month for the Poor, etc," says Nguyen Quang Dung, Deputy Chairman of Dien Khanh District Fatherland Front Committee.

Reportedly, much assistance has been received from the Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (VND80 million/year), A2 Prison (2-4 houses/year), Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company, Rang Dong Paper Joint Stock Company and so on.

Despite the great support and effort, 107 poor and 5 marginally poor families in Dien Khanh District are still in need of assistance. Therefore, more donation is required from the community to help the needy to lead a better life.