Social workers facilitate vulnerable children's community integration

Sunday, 28/09/2014, 10:31 [GMT+7]

Social workers facilitate vulnerable children's community integration

Social work has helped orphans, abandoned and disabled children to successfully integrate into the community. Social workers has supported vulnerable people through difficult times and ensured that they are safeguarded from harm.

According to Khanh Hoa Department of Labor, Invalids & Social Affairs, more than 400 orphans, foundlings and nearly 200 disabled kids are in the care of social service centers in Khanh Hoa Province.

Taking care of disabled children at Khanh Hoa Social Service Center.

Orphans, foundlings, poor and disabled children are a vulnerable group. They have little or no access to health care services, education, vocational training, employment chances, etc and thus they do not get their needs met. Unaware of their rights and responsibilities, they often grow up with complex and face discrimination and child abuse.

Social workers’ responsibilities are to help children to improve the quality of their lives by providing support and services such as providing counseling and seeking to assist disadvantaged students with their academic pursuits.

Social work’s role is to protect troubled children from deplorable situations and make sure that they are cared for properly and have their needs met, so that they can grow up well to become happy and well adjusted adults.

According to Mai Xuan Tri, Deputy Director of the Department of Labor, Invalids & Social Affairs, child social work deals with child neglect prevention and intervention with treatment, recovery and development.

Children in special need often lack parental love and care. Intervention and support from social workers help children to understand and know how to protect themselves from social evils. In addition, social workers provide social services related to heath care, employment, sanitation, emotional support, etc.

Besides, social workers help orphans to overcome psychological and emotional distress. Moreover, vulnerable children are encouraged to promote their abilities, overcome difficulties, enhance socialization, etc to lead normal and successful lives.