Getting children involved in physical activities

Friday, 26/09/2014, 07:20 [GMT+7]

Getting children involved in physical activities

Since 2013, Khanh Hoa Province has been chosen to pilot a subject on physical activity development education for preschoolers, period 2013-2016, launched by the Ministry of Education & Training. Getting children involved in lots of fun physical activity keeps them active and healthy.

Huong Sen Nursery School, Nha Trang City has just put a mini artificial turf football ground into operation. The ground is also used playing badminton, climbing rope-ladders, swinging and so on.

Besides, the school has added outdoor toys, including slides, swings, sand holes, etc to increase physical activities for young children.

Children join physical activities in a mini artificial turf football ground at Huong Sen Nursery School.


“Chosen to pilot the subject, Huong Duong Nursery School is also building a 1,500m2 physical development ground with sand hills, rope ladders, swings, etc. Parents are involved in the funding for the new playground which is expected to be put into use this October,” says Tran Thi Kim Oanh, Principal of Huong Duong Nursery School, Cam Lam District.

Khanh Hoa is among provinces selected to pilot the subject which is designed to help preschoolers stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Three nursery schools named Huong Sen (Nha Trang City), Huong Duong (Cam Lam District) and Tram Huong (Khanh Vinh District), have been chosen to pilot the subject.

According to Dinh Thi Nhat Trinh, Principal of Huong Sen Nursery School, the subject has proved to be effective. Through physical activities, kids become more flexible and active, especially in group activities. Besides, they are taught to be more independent and confident.

The Department of Education & Training has instructed Preschool Education Divisions in Khanh Hoa Province to survey physical education in nursery schools, so that physical activity education will be boosted, focusing on infrastructure investment, standardization of playgrounds and functional rooms for physical activities. In addition, an internet-based contest about physical development for nursery schools has been held by the Ministry of Education & Training, says Phan Thi Chien, Deputy Chief of the Preschool Education Division.