Prospects from Japanese gourd growing

Monday, 31/05/2021, 19:53 [GMT+7]

Prospects from Japanese gourd growing

After more than 1 year appearing in Khanh Hoa, Japanese gourd tree is a good choice in the process of crop change. The model of growing Japanese gourd in Ninh Hung commune, Ninh Hoa town is expected more with coordination and linkage among farmers, businesses, the authorities and the Provincial Cooperative Alliance.


Khanh Hoa Province Chairman Nguyen Tan Tuan visit Japanese
Khanh Hoa Province Chairman Nguyen Tan Tuan visiting Japanese gourd model


Suitable plant

In 2020, Capsi Foods Co., Ltd leased a plot of land in Vinh Trung commune, Nha Trang for trial planting of Japanese gourds. The enterprise has planted 340 gourd plants on an area of more than 300m2. Paul Edward - Director of Capsi Food Co., Ltd said that the Japanese gourd plant is suitable for the climate and soil conditions in Khanh Hoa, so after nearly 2 months of planting, the plants have begun to bear fruit. Specifically, each plants can bear fruits continuously for 6 months. Totally, a gourd plant can give from 8 to 12 fruits, each fruit weighs from 9 to 12kg."

After the trial process, in February 2021, the Provincial Cooperative Alliance, Capsi Food Co., Ltd and Ninh Hung Commune People's Committee linked to produce Japanese gourd seeds in the commune. The enterprise has rented 1,600m2 of land and planted 1,600 gourd plants. Up to now, the plants have grown well and begun to bear fruits. Nguyen Thuy Lan - representative of Capsi Food Co., Ltd in Khanh Hoa said that after harvesting the gourd, the business will process it by cutting it into 3mm thick and 3cm wide slides, then drying and packing them. A part is sold in the domestic market, and the majority is exported to Japan and China. Dried gourd is used in cooking.


A Japanese gourd weighs 9 kilograms.
A Japanese gourd weighs 9 kilograms.

To be replicated

According to Dinh Van Dung - Chairman of the Provincial Cooperative Union, the model has achieved good results. The union will be a bridge for businesses to transfer farming processes, techniques and product purchase agreements to farmers, firstly farmers in Ninh Hung commune and surrounding areas. It is expected that the selling price of dried gourd in the domestic market can be up to 1 million VND/kg. These products are required to meet the criteria of quality, food safety and traceability.

Paul Edward said that currently, Japanese gourd of this company is very favorite in the Japan and China. He also hopes that the model will constantly grow in size as well as quality and they are ready to transfer the entire process and technique to farmers.

On a visit to this model on May 13, Nguyen Tan Tuan - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee congratulated the initial success of the model. He suggested the Provincial Cooperative Alliance, Ninh Hung Commune People's Committee and businesses to accompany, encourage and support farmers in learning production processes and techniques, considering it as one of the selections during local crop conversion.

Hong Dang

Translated by T.T