Effective capital channel for rural development

Saturday, 01/05/2021, 00:00 [GMT+7]

After 5 years of implementing the cooperation agreement between Agribank Khanh Hoa Branch (Agribank Khanh Hoa), the Farmers Association (HND) of the province and the Provincial Women's Union (Women's Union) in the period of 2016 - 2020 on the implementation Credit policy for agricultural and rural development according to Decree No. 55/2015 of the Government, the capital of Agribank has contributed to speeding up agricultural economic restructuring and building a new countryside, reducing poverty. and improving the lives of the people.

Inter-agency agreement No. 01 and 02 between Agribank and Central People's Committee of Vietnam, Vietnam Women's Union on the implementation of credit policy for agricultural and rural development was signed on September 23, 2016. In the spirit of that interdisciplinary agreement, on October 16, 2016, Agribank Khanh Hoa signed coordination agreements No. 09 and 10 with the People's Union and the provincial Women's Union and is deployed to all levels of associations and Agribank branches in the whole province.

According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Huy - Director of Agribank Khanh Hoa, with the leadership and close guidance of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, Provincial People's Committee, State Bank Khanh Hoa Branch, Agribank Khanh Hoa has implemented and well implemented the Decree. Decree 55/2015 of the Government. Through the active support and assistance of the local authorities at all levels, mass organizations in the province, especially the coordination of Agribank Khanh Hoa and all levels of the People's Union and Women's Union in the province has created favorable conditions. capital transmission to people to invest in production, intensive farming, plant and animal restructuring, increase productivity and increase income for each family; step by step significantly reduce the usury situation among the people, creating opportunities for people with low income and without collateral to access loans for production development, contributing to the completion of a number of criteria. (income and poverty reduction) of the new rural construction program, contributing to the successful implementation of guidelines and policies related to the triangle.