Impulsing seafood export

Thursday, 29/04/2021, 23:02 [GMT+7]

Impulsing seafood export

In spite of facing many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, many seafood processing enterprises in Khanh Hoa province have made efforts to find orders to export their products to other countries. Thereby, their operation has been stabilzied, creating jobs for workers and contributing to export turnover of the province.

In 2020, despite the heavy impact from the Covid-19 pandemic, Thong Thuan Cam Ranh Seafood Joint Stock Company maintained good production and business, creates jobs and stable income for more than 1,200 workers. The company's export shrimp processing factory in Suoi Dau Industrial Zone has the capacity to process 1,000 tons of raw shrimps per month; 90% of products are exported to Europe, Japan and America with export turnover reaching 60 million USD in 2020. In 2021, the company sets an export turnover target of 70 million USD. Truong Huu Thong - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company said: “During the Covid-19 pandemic, restaurants and hotels in the US and Europe close or cut down their business, so the company aims to supermarkets in these markets. Thanks to that, the output of exported goods has remained at a good level. In addition, the EVFTA (EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement) has created a great motivation for Vietnam's seafood exports to this market as the reduction of export tax to 0% has created a competitive advantage for Vietnamese seafood compared to other countries”.


Processing seafood at Thong Thuan Cam Ranh
Processing seafood at Thong Thuan Cam Ranh Seafood Joint Stock Company


The operation of Gallant Ocean Vietnam Joint Stock Company (in Suoi Dau Industrial Zone) also faced many challenges, but businesses still strived to find orders for export. With the change in the way of consuming frozen seafood products from markets such as Korea, Europe, America, Taiwan, Australia, Japan ..., this company has turned to aim to supermarket chains and retail stores. Owning to that, the export turnover of the company in 2020 reached nearly 31 million USD. It is expected that this year, the export turnover of the unit will reach more than 32 million USD, ensuring jobs for 700 employees.


According to Le Ba Ninh - Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the province has 44 seafood export enterprises to 64 markets. In 2020, the province's seafood export turnover reached USD510 million, only down about 16% compared to 2019. In the first three months of this year, the province's seafood export turnover reached USD109.08 million, accounting for 37.12% of the province's total goods export turnover. This is a great effort of seafood processing and exporting enterprises and the fishing community in the context of the global economy under heavy pressure from the epidemic.


Hai Lang
Translated by T.T