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Van Ninh District attaches importance to high-tech agriculture

Sunday, 30/08/2020, 23:26 [GMT+7]

Van Ninh District attaches importance to high-tech agriculture

Over the past years, Van Ninh District (Khanh Hoa) has paid attention to the development of agricultural economic models that apply scientific and technical advances to production with high efficiency. Therefore, the district will continue to encourage replication of these models with the goal of sustainable agricultural development.

High economic efficiency

Tran Dinh Minh's family (Xuan Tay village, Van Hung commune) has more than 1 ha of land. Many years ago, his family planted acacia and eucalyptus, but due to lack of water for irrigation and little rainfall, the plants grew poorly. Through learning about agricultural economic models applying high technology, in early 2019, he would like to convert the entire area above to invest in installing solar power systems combining livestock and cultivation. Minh said: “I have borrowed to invest in installing more than 2,700 solar panels and connected to the national grid. In the space under the battery array, I raise rabbits, earthworms and and growing pineapples. Total model investment cost is more than VND18 billion. Initially, the model brings an income of more than VND300 million/month to the family. The family is continuing to invest in expanding the model and combining mushroom cultivation”.

In Xuan Dong village (Van Hung commune), Nguyen Anh Tuan's family white shrimp farm with high technology application also brings high economic efficiency. All his 3ha of shrimp pond has been carefully invested in 13 ponds. Water pipeline systems and water filters are arranged very scientifically and meticulously. Waste water is treated through 3 filter lakes before being discharged into the environment. Water pumped into the pond is treated according to a closed process. Breeds are purchased from reputable facilities, the source of food is from C.P Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company. On average, a lake with an area of ​​more than 400m2 was released by his family to raise more than 15,000 shrimps. After 80 to 90 days, 28-30 shrimps weigh reached. With this model, each year, his family harvests more than 100 tons of shrimps and sells for more than VND15 billion/year. Tuan said “Thanks to the application of high technology in production, my family's shrimp farming is very leisurely and environmental, without worrying about diseases. Shrimps grow well and they are favorite of seafood processing companies.

The leader of the Economic Division of Van Ninh District said that over the past years, the district always encourages and supports people and businesses to apply scientific and technical advances and apply technology in the fields of cultivation and husbandry. Many new rice varieties are tested for high yield suitable to local climatic and soil conditions such as ANS1, BDR27, OM7347, Dai Thom 8 ... to be put into mass production. The model of garlic production towards VietGAP has been successfully implemented by Van Hung Garlic Production Cooperative. In the aquaculture, application of treatment technology to ensure the quality of water sources, environmental sanitation, many modern machinery and equipment and safe production processes increase productivity. Many farming farms, general farms are invested with a relatively large scale, combined with solar power generation to bring high economic efficiency.

Keeping replication

According to Vo Luc Pham - Vice Chairman of Van Ninh District People's Committee, in the coming years, the district will focus on supporting and replicating agricultural economic models that apply high technology in production. Besides, the district will mobilize people to restructure crops, step by step change the thinking of production, to attach importance to building the chain of sustainable production - processing - consumption of agricultural products, and stabilizing the output for agricultural products.

In addition, the district will call for businesses to invest in agricultural production, especially businesses applying high technology in the production and processing of agricultural and aquatic products to serve as a foundation to build the modern agriculture, to create best conditions for the development of concentrated breeding farms according to industrial methods, and to build safe production zones for the supply of clean and safe food for the market inside and outside the district. At the same time, the district will promote links between all stages in the value chain from seed production, feed to processing to improve productivity; cutting costs and increase efficiency, competitiveness and added value for the industry; regularly train, transfer and apply scientific and technical advances to production, processing and treatment of livestock wastes ...

Van Giang

Translated by T.T