Cam An Nam Commune develops custard apple planting

Wednesday, 19/08/2020, 22:13 [GMT+7]

Cam An Nam Commune develops custard apple planting

Farmers’ Association of Cam An Nam Commune (Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province) is mobilizing farmers in the communeto develop custard apple trees to increase their income. The soil here is suitalble to grow this kind of fruit.

Ms. Trieu Thi Kim Chi - Chairman of the commune People's Committee led us to Vinh Nam village where custard apples are being harvested. This place used to be for sugarcane cultivation before.

Planting Thai custard apple variety since 2016, up to now, Nguyen Hoang Hai (in Vinh Nam village) has harvested continuously 4 crops for 2 years. Traders bought his custard apples right in the garden at the price from VND100,000 - 120,000/kg for grade 1, VND30,000 - 50,000/kg for grade 2. He earned VND70-80 million on an area of ​​5,000m2. Mr. Hai said that this is a high-yielding custard-apple variety but the investment cost is not much (VND10 million/ 1,000m2), suitable with farmers.

Near Hai’s garden is 7,000m2 custard-apple garden of a farmer named Pham Sanh. The garden helps his family have stable income.


Custard apples in Cam An Nam Commune
Custard apples in Cam An Nam Commune


According to the leaders of the commune Farmers’ Association, from the good production of farmers like Hai, Sanh and some others, the commune People's Committee has decided to choose custard-apple trees to encourage farmers to change crops.

In 2018, the commune Farmers’ Association coordinated to organize a training course on fruit growing for 31 students, focusing on custard apple trees. In 2019, the association will continue to organize a training course on techniques on custard apple planting for 57 members, and take them to effective custard-apple gardens in the area. In addition, the association also establishes a channel to support knowledge and handle epidemics to promptly support farmers in case of difficulties and problems. Thanks to that, the area of ​​custard apples in the whole commune has reached more than 10ha, 3ha of which are converted from other crops.

According to Trieu Thi Kim Chi, custard apple is adapted to the climate and soil of the commune; ripe custard apples are sweet and delicious, so many people like them and they are easy to buy in market. In the time to come, the commune Farmers’ Association will continue to advocate and support farmers to expand the area of ​​custard-apple trees to increase their income.


Translated by T.T