Good results of safe food market 2020

Monday, 29/06/2020, 23:45 [GMT+7]

Good results of safe food market 2020

Safe food market 2020 (held from June 26 to 29 in Yen Phi Park, Nha Trang City) has a diversified and richer industry than previous years. As a result, the fair has attracted consumers and brought efficiency for producers and traders.
Various goods
Attending the fair on the evening of June 27, we saw numerous locals and tourists visiting and shopping here. A local person named Nguyen Thi Lien Hoa (in Phan Boi Chau Street, Nha Trang City) said that she goes to this fair every time when it is held to buy some products such as fruits, herbal tea ... She saw goods at the fair this year were more abundant than last year. In particular, the fruits and functional foods from precious folk medicinal plants are very diverse.
The stall of Cuong Long Phat Production and Trading Co., Ltd attracted housewives to buy clean pork in the morning, and in the evening, this stall attracted diners with the company's grilled rib rice made from the company's clean pork products. Pham Hung Long - Director of Cuong Long Phat Production and Trading Co., Ltd. said, compared to the previous year, this year, the company brought to the fair more products such as fresh and clean pork, rolls, grilled rib rice, dried shredded pork...
Representing the Economic Department of Dien Khanh district to attend this year's safe food market, Nguyen Xuan Truong (Dien Tan Commune) not only introduced the safe rice produced by his family and local farmers but also brought to market fair a kind of seeds picked up in the forest by Raglai ethnic people and cleaning products applying new technologies such as liquid for dishwashing, floor cleaning and shoe spray extracted from herbs. These products have initially attracted consumers.


Buying durians at safe food fair 2020
Buying durians at safe food fair 2020
Practical effects
According to Nguyen Sanh Duong, Director of the provincial Center of Industry and Trade Promotion, for all 3 times, the safe food market has shown practical effects as it have been supported by producers, businesses and consumers. The fair in 2018 had 48 businesses participating with 40 stalls, 16,000 visitors and buyers; sales reached VND1.5 billion. In 2019, the fair size increased to 89 stalls of 68 businesses; more than 30,000 visited and bought products; sales reached 2.2 billion. This year, the fair has 68 businesses with 87 stalls; the commodities this year are more than previous years.

Up to now, it can be said that the safe food fair in 2020 is quite successful as the number of visitors is very big and all stalls have good sales. All production and business establishments participating in the fair are checked about production and trading conditions as well as the observance of regulations on food safety and hygiene. Therefore, consumers feel secured when buying products at the fair. People have demand for safe food now, so such safe food fairs become more and more necessary. Especially, in the context that the Covid-19 epidemic has caused many difficulties to businesses, the fair is a good opportunity to help businesses stimulate domestic consumption.

Hoang Dung
Translated by T.T