Expected Spring Newspaper Festival 2020

Friday, 17/01/2020, 09:27 [GMT+7]

Expected Spring Newspaper Festival 2020

Many readers in Khanh Hoa Province are awaiting the Spring Newspaper Festival 2020. With thousands of spring newspapers and magazines from around the country to be displayed, the festival is expected to be a meaningful spiritual activity for many people in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa on the occasion of 2020 Lunar New Year (Tet).
The spring newspaper festival has become a unique cultural feature of Khanh Hoa on Tet holidays and has been interested and received positive responses from not only the press agencies but also the public in the province. This year’s Spring Newspaper Festival opens on January 16 (lunar December 22) at Khanh Hoa provincial library (No.8 Tran Hung Dao Street, Nha Trang) and lasts until February 4. 


Leaders of Khanh Hoa Province at Spring Newspaper Festival 2019
Leaders of Khanh Hoa Province at Spring Newspaper Festival 2020
The 2020 Spring Newspaper Festival of Khanh Hoa is an activity to celebrate the 90th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam and 90th anniversary of Khanh Hoa Province’s Party Committee. The festival also serves as an opportunity for the newspaper agencies, journalists and reporters to meet, exchange their competence and experience, and update their knowledge to improve professional skills and contribute better to the development of the province’s journalism. 
The 2020 Spring Newspaper Festival displays around nearly 4,000 newspapers and magazines of hundreds of press agencies across the country. The newspapers and magazines are displayed in sections based on subjects. Some of them are arranged in the shape of the Spratly Islands. This year’s Spring Newspaper Festival also exhibits over 300 photos about ASEAN community. These photos are the ones winning prizes or qualifying for the final rounds of the international photo contests having organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications. 


As said by Nguyen Chau Hung, Director of Khanh Hoa provincial library, the 2020 Spring Newspaper Festival is organized at the library with the aim to help more people to be able to read the spring publications of the press agencies from around the country. Besides spring newspapers and magazines, the library also has an exhibition section of pictures, photos, and documents about the Communist Party, Uncle, the Spratly and Paracel Islands, etc. 

The provincial library has distributed a number of spring publications to prepare for the spring newspaper festival held at the localities over the province. As usual, after the provincial Spring Newspaper Festival, all the displayed publications will be given to local libraries, cultural centers and the Spratly Island District. The organization committee will offer prizes to the most outstanding articles about Khanh Hoa Province published on spring newspapers.
Giang Đinh
Translated by H.N