10:11, 22/11/2016

An unfortunate family in desperate need of help

The family of Trinh Cong He (Phu An Nam 3 Hamlet, Dien An Commune, Dien Khanh District) has been in a desperate situation. 

The family of Trinh Cong He (Phu An Nam 3 Hamlet, Dien An Commune, Dien Khanh District) has been in a desperate situation. 
Four out of five people in the family have been suffering diseases or serious injuries. Four years ago, He’s eldest son, Trinh Phi Bang (aged 28), suffered head injury after a traffic accident, resulting in the current weakness in his right arm and leg. Recently, He’s wife, Luu Thi Hoa (aged 57), has burned herself while cooking and received serious burns to her right arm and two legs. Luu Trinh Thanh Liem (aged 15), Hue’s youngest son, suffers congenital paraplegia; therefore, his daily personal activities has relied entirely on the help of other people. Trinh Cong He has also often got sick but tried to care for his wife and children. Trinh Thi Khanh Ly (age 26), He’s daughter, is the only person who is not sick. Ly just does housework at home because she has been jobless.
Because the family members have suffering from many diseases and injuries, they could not give Liem sufficient care. Therefore, his anus has been inflamed and infected, causing a serious gaping wound on his buttock. Liem was treated in the hospital for many times. However, he was sent home for being cared by the family because the wound was necrotic and not healed.


Hoa used to be the main breadwinner in the family, working as a hawker selling boiled corn, earning around VND100 thousand.  After the accident, she has to stop working to treat the burns. In order to help the family, Bang who is also unhealthy started to sell boiled corn on the streets.
Reportedly, He’s family is a near-poor household in Dien An Commune. In 2014, his family was approved to borrow VND28 million to cover the everyday needs. At present, they paid about VND4 million. Liem was offered a monthly social allowance worth VND540 thousand, which increase to VND945 thousand since November.  
According to Nguyen Tan Kham, Vice Chairman of Dien An Commune People’s Committee, the commune considered the case of He’s family and proposed that his family is recognized as a poor household in order for them to be given better policies. 
Hopefully, the readers and sponsors everywhere will assist He’s family to overcome the difficulties. Donations can be sent directly to Trinh Cong He (0165.677.0323) or to the charity box of Khanh Hoa Newspaper office at 77 Yersin St., Nha Trang City or Khanh Hoa Newspaper’s bank account at VietinBank – Khanh Hoa Branch (account number 102010000491523).
Ha Duong
Translated by H.N